How is the tympanic membrane normal?

In the daily hearing aid fitting, there are often old people asking: I went to the hospital and checked that my tympanic membrane is good, there is nothing in my ear, how can I lick it? It may be that in many people’s minds, if the tympanic membrane has a problem, it will be paralyzed, and the tympanic membrane will not be paralyzed.

In the human auditory system, the tympanic membrane is only a part of the auditory system, and its main function is to transmit sound signals of different frequencies from the outside to the inner ear part of our auditory system in an appropriate manner. At the same time, the tympanic membrane also has the ability to amplify the sound signal, approximately27dB. If the tympanic membrane is perforated, it will not be a big hindrance to people who have normal hearing, and there may be even cases that cannot be found. why? Because the hearing is mainly determined by whether the inner ear and the auditory center function in the auditory system are normal. These parts have problems, not only the small voices can not be heard, but also have poor listening ability, inaudible sounds, very afraid of noise or hearing loud and uncomfortable performance. Therefore, the tympanic membrane is also deaf and normal, and it may be more severe deafness.—–Sensorineural deafness.


Sensorineural deafness is roughly divided into:

Senile deafness: people are40After the age, various organs of the body will have aging degeneration, hearing loss caused by hearing organ degeneration, the onset time and degree are related to various factors of the individual body and the external environment.

Noise deafness: The long-term exposure to the noise environment leads to a decline in the level of sexy sound. It is rarely noticed in the early stage, and it is only moderately and even severely emphasized.

Drug-induced deafness: Drugs cause damage to inner ear hair cells and auditory nerves, and are also one of the factors that cause neurological deafness in children and middle-aged and elderly people.

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