How does tinnitus self need to pay attention to how to relieve

Tinnitus refers to the illusion of hearing in the ear, or such as snoring, or as loud, or large or small, hindering normal hearing; deafness refers to hearing loss or even hearing loss. Tinnitus can develop into deafness for a long time. Tinnitus and deafness are common clinical diseases and can often occur at the same time. The etiology and pathology of the two are roughly the same, and the dialectical treatment methods are basically the same.

Tinnitus and deafness can be divided into two types: organic tinnitus and deafness and functional tinnitus and deafness. Organic tinnitus and deafness are divided into sound, sensory and mixed3class. In addition, tinnitus and deafness have congenital tinnitus and deafness, drug-induced tinnitus and deafness, noise, tinnitus and deafness, sudden tinnitus and deafness, exogenous tinnitus and deafness, and kidney deficiency and tinnitus. Due to the characteristics of the structure of the eustachian tube, various external stimuli and pathogenic bacteria enter the tympanic cavity through the eustachian tube. The middle ear and other parts are also often involved, causing the mucous membrane of the middle ear to be suppurated, and the official cavity is blocked and tinnitus and deafness occur. Under normal circumstances, violent people are more likely to be cured. Because the etiology of tinnitus and deafness is very complicated, the current general treatment principle is to treat the disease by anti-inflammatory and vasodilator methods. In severe cases, sedatives may be used, and hearing aids or tinnitus maskers may be worn. The self-massage method is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory. It acts on the acupoints or specific parts of the vein line by means of manipulation, and then adjusts the function of the meridians of the organs. Therefore, the effects of exogenous tinnitus and deafness and kidney deficiency tinnitus and deafness are obvious.


Self-massage is also called self-health care therapy. It is aimed at its own discomfort and pain. It acts on the acupuncture points and reflex zones of the body surface to regulate the body’s meridian system to achieve disease prevention and treatment. It is a kind of An economical and practical approach to health care is an important part of the motherland’s medicine. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and the principle of replenishing diarrhea in massage techniques, self-massage on the surface of the human body can pass through the active, qi and activating blood, and Tongzhi Congxi, long-term adherence will have obvious therapeutic effects on most tinnitus and deafness.


At present, there are many methods for treating tinnitus and deafness. What are the characteristics of self-massage in treating tinnitus and deafness?

1Simple, easy to learn and effective

The self-massage therapy for the treatment of tinnitus and deafness is mainly based on friction, kneading and tapping. It is easy to learn and has obvious effects. Even if you don’t have any massage foundation, it is not difficult to learn. As long as the diagnosis is clear, refer to the contents of the book, accurately find the degree and treatment site, take a comfortable position, follow the manipulation method, you can massage yourself.

2Easy to operate, convenient and flexible

The method of treating the tinnitus and deafness self-massage is simple and easy, and is not restricted by the venue. The station or the seat can be easily massaged; the time is flexible, and the length can be short or short, and a routine can be selected depending on the situation.

3Economic security, saving time and effort

The self-massage method is economical and practical, does not require too much effort, does not require the purchase of any equipment, and does not have to go to the hospital. When manipulating, you can adjust the method according to your own situation, safe and reliable, and no drug toxicity or side effects.

How is the treatment of tinnitus and deafness treated by self-massage?

For the vast majority of patients with tinnitus and deafness, the most concerned about the problem of self-massage treatment. Because tinnitus and deafness are mostly chronic diseases that are long-term and difficult to treat, self-massage treatment of tinnitus and deafness is not a matter of time, and patience. Usually the treatment can be daily1 ~ 2Times, morning and evening operations are appropriate,1Month is1a course of treatment, with a break in the middle of the treatment1Week; then continue1Treatment of most patients, most patients2 ~ 3A course of treatment will be effective. In addition, according to their physical condition and condition, some need3More than one course of treatment or in combination with other therapies until the disease has improved significantly or recovered.

Self-massage treatment for tinnitus and deafness should pay attention to what

1Before the massage, you should know if there are any contraindications.

2Trim your nails and keep your hands clean, smooth and warm.

3Choose a comfortable, effort-saving and easy-to-operate position, such as a sitting position.

4It is best to soak the feet with hot water before the foot massage.10 ~ 15minute.

5A little medical Vaseline or massage cream can be applied during massage to protect the skin.

6The force should be from light to heavy, and should not be rude. The frequency of massage should not be slow or slow.

7After the massage, pay attention to the hands and feet to keep warm, and drink after hand and foot massage.1Cup of warm water.

8If the massage part is broken or bloated, it should be treated promptly.

9Several self-massage routines can be used interchangeably.

10Can be combined with other therapies, such as internal medicine to shorten the course of treatment.

11We must have a constant mental preparation, and we must not rush to seek success.

Under what circumstances can not self-massage treatment of tinnitus and deafness

1It is not advisable to do self-massage during fasting hunger and half an hour after a full meal.

2Those who have bleeding tendency and hematopoietic system diseases should not be self-massage.

3People with severe heart and cerebrovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, should not operate by themselves.

4Infectious diseases with fever, should not be operated by themselves.

5If you have a mental disorder, you should not operate it yourself.

6When you are emotional or unstable, you should not do self-massage.

7Women should not be massaged during the lumbosacral and abdomen during pregnancy.

8Pregnant women with middle ear and auricles with inflammation or habitual abortion should not be given two massages.

9If the foot has trauma, infection or snoring, it is not advisable to do a foot massage.

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