Hearing test method – how to listen to your own test [graphic details]

The hearing test mainly checks the degree of your hearing loss. It is a subjective value, that is, the number of decibels that you can hear the smallest sound at different frequencies. The value of the air conduction bone guide can judge the nature of your deafness, whether it is neurological or conductive. Sexuality or mixedness, a diagnostic method for understanding the state of hearing function and the disease of the auditory system by the response of the subject to acoustic stimulation..
Hearing test

The subject’s subjective judgment is based on the results, commonly used methods include: 1 whisper or stopwatch test. Used only for hearing screening, for physical examination. 2 tuning fork test. Simple and easy to diagnose, the nature of deafness can be diagnosed, and the degree of deafness can be roughly understood. 3 audiometer test. There are a variety of audiometers, which are medical electroacoustic instruments that test the listening function in detail. The pure tone is used as a vocal sound signal, which is called pure tone audiometer. The hearing threshold test is performed by air conduction and bone conduction earphones, and the degree and nature of hearing loss of the subject are diagnosed according to the drawn hearing curve. The sensory neural crest can be further diagnosed by threshold function test and self-taught audiometer test. The test method of using speech as a stimulating sound signal is called speech audiometry, which can understand the actual communication ability of deaf patients, and can also provide valuable information for hearing aid selection and central sputum diagnosis.

Otoacoustic emission

This is a large-area screening for newborns that can be tested while the newborn is sleeping. This screening method has a short operating time and does not require any electrodes to be inserted on the head, and does not cause any damage to the brain tissue of the newborn. If you can pass, you can temporarily judge that your hearing is normal.Hearing test

Pure tone audiometry

Pure tone audiometry

Adult testThe ear hearing threshold is detected by applying an octave frequency pure tone with an electronic pure tone audiometer. For those with hearing loss, the air conduction and bone conduction should be tested separately to help distinguish the nature of hearing loss. For air conduction detection, if the threshold difference between the binaural hearings exceeds 40dB, masking should be applied on the healthy side to prevent the “shadow hearing curve”. The bone conduction test should routinely apply masking on the opposite side. The hearing threshold is recorded as “dBHL”. For those suspected of resilience, a binaural loudness balance test or a short incremental sensitivity index (SISI) test may be performed.

Hearing test

Check the basic condition of the ear canal before the hearing test

In addition to the two common audiometry methods mentioned above, there are other methods for checking hearing, such as: folding acoustic impedance audiometry, electrical response audiometry, tuning fork inspection, acoustic impedance measurement and so on.

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