Hearing aids can be heard clearly,But the exchange is inaudible

Hearing aids are not omnipotent. They can’t replace your original hearing, and you can’t return to normal hearing. It is a good thing to hear the phone, but others can’t hear clearly. Under what circumstances, it is unclear. If it is very noisy, some people can’t hear it. It is normal, and most people can’t hear it. If it is unclear to face-to-face one-on-one speech, it is that the hearing aid debugging is not in place, and it is necessary to go to the fitting center to re-adjust the parameters of the hearing aid.


I don’t know how long your hearing has fallen, what is the degree of hearing loss and the nature of hearing loss? Generally speaking, the speech resolution decreases as the hearing decreases, and the longer the time, the worse the resolution. Even if you wear a hearing aid and talk to someone, sometimes you need to repeat it. However, don’t worry, talk to others after wearing a hearing aid, and the speech resolution will gradually increase.

Link:Hearing aids can be heard clearly, but the communication is inaudible.

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