Many hearing aid fitting workers can’t understand why many people are afraid of noise when they wear hearing aids for the first time. When children wear hearing aids for the first time, they will have emotions. When the old people wear hearing aids for the first time, they will feel “noisy”. A lot of people once said that you can hear the voice clearly. Maybe it’s because you don’t adapt, so you are asked to adapt.

How about the result? The child should cry or cry. The old man doesn’t want to wear it or not.

Later, with the development of matching technology and the introduction of international advanced audiology concepts, we learned that many matching methods in China were wrong, and all of a sudden, the sound of hearing aids was too loud.

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Why are hearing aids so noisy?

For a long time, we all think that people with hearing loss have more requirements for sound. For example, in the early years, people with hearing loss would ask the hearing aid salesperson “how loud is the sound?” which of these hearing aids is loud? “And so on. So many hearing aid salespersons think that” loud “is the needs of hearing loss people. When testing and starting the machine, no matter whether it is 3721 or old Human child, regardless of the indications, all of a sudden adjust to the “standard” value.

In this way, the result of the adjustment is that the children are bothered by the old people. Everyone thinks that the hearing aid is just like that. It’s noisy to wear it. It’s so noisy. Maybe it will “destroy” the ears. As a result, people have a lot of prejudices about hearing aids. What’s the more you wear it, the more deaf you will be.

What is the problem?

But let’s calm down and think about it carefully. At last, we found that we didn’t really understand the problem from the perspective of users.

Everyone’s tolerance for sound is limited. From the perspective of audiology, 0dB up and down is usually the smallest sound that ordinary people can barely hear, while 120dB up and down is very difficult to bear. In this way, 0-120db is the most sound level that we can hear everyday. But if you don’t hear well, the loudness of the sound you hear is not in the range of 0 to 120dB. The complex point can be called “narrowing the dynamic range of hearing”, and the simple point is to get a larger sound.

Do people with poor hearing feel noisy? In principle, they don’t. But why do many people with hearing loss feel particularly bothered by noisy sounds? It’s because of the amplified sound.

In order to make the hearing impaired hear clearly, the most common way in daily life is to increase the volume, such as shouting at the ear. But this way is not practical, so we suggest that patients with hearing loss should consult with hearing aids or choose cochlear implants to solve this problem. But no matter hearing aids or cochlear implants, they can’t be compared with the real human ear’s ability to process sound, especially in the processing of environmental sound, which is why many people wear hearing aids to avoid noise after hearing loss. But if we do not use these devices, not only people’s listening level, speech level, thinking level will continue to decline, and eventually will cause more serious consequences.

Only professionals can find solutions

Part of the noise heard in the hearing aid is called “reinvigorating” (reverberation) in audiology. For example, if the voice is doubled, the sound heard by the healthy hearing person is doubled. But for the hearing loss person wearing the hearing aid, it may feel 5 times and 10 times. So we not only need to ask, is there no way to solve it?

We know that the louder the sound we hear from the hearing aids, the better. The hearing impaired people will be more sensitive to the sound than the healthy people. Some healthy people will hear the sound of the environmental background, while the hearing impaired people will think it is noise. The principle is very simple, that is, there is a gap in the ability of human ears to process sound. Generally speaking, the ability of hearing impaired people to process sound is relatively poor, so they cannot automatically “isolate” environmental noise. At this time, we have to work hard on the transfer. Adjusting the machine is a technical job as well as a laborious job. Especially when a professional and experienced operator adjusts the machine, he will consider many aspects, rather than just increasing the volume, which will win the user’s satisfaction in a short time. In terms of scientific matching, the incremental change of loudness of hearing aids and cochlear implants should be gradually adapted from small to large. Through scientific rehabilitation and several adjustments, our ears can adapt to complex environmental sounds, so that we will not feel noisy, and at the same time, our speech resolution will be greatly improved. This is a set of rigorous and scientific steps. If the match maker only pursues to hear quickly, it will not have a good effect and will not be comfortable. Therefore, scientific fitting of hearing aids is not only at the time of fitting, but also a complete set of Audiology and rehabilitation concepts.

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