Hearing aid waterproofing skillsMoisture proof and waterproof is the key to hearing aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated medical electronic devices. Due to the size requirements and the complexity of digital signal processing, the quality of hearing aids must first be used in different environments, and hearing-impaired patients can be used for a long time, not often for small I am troubled. The Chinese Audiology Network has learned that in reality, the hearing aid malfunction or stop working due to water vapor rust and corrosion is the most common quality problem for users. Especially in today’s, hearing aids are getting smaller and smaller, and speakers are also inserted into the ears. Moisture of water vapor has seriously threatened the normal use of hearing aids. In most southern parts of China, many hearing aids are rusted and corroded by moisture and salt every year. It directly affects children’s hearing rehabilitation. The picture below is a corroded battery.


Although the problem of water vapor and humidity is serious, because it is related to personal use and the area where the patient is located, and the sensitivity of the important parts of the hearing aid to water vapor, the hearing aid industry has always lacked effective countermeasures, and the inability to accurately test the water vapor corrosion is also the solution. The impact of water vapor. However, according to the China Audiology Network, according to the standards issued by the American Society for Testing and MaterialsB711-3A test aid hearing aid for water vapor corrosion has begun to be used. This test technique is called “Hearing Aid Enhancement Test” (Accelerated Life TestingIt was developed by Sangli Innovation Co., Ltd., a public hearing aid company in the United States. The testers placed the hearing aids in a specially designed fog box that can control different salts, and then analyzed the sensitivity of different hearing aids to water vapor at different times. This causes rust and corrosion of the hearing aid components until the hearing aid eventually stops working. The figure below is a special test instrument for rusting.

Obviously, the longest-lasting hearing aid in this special test environment should have better moisture resistance. Recently, in a comparative trial, five hearing aids from different manufacturers were tested, and one hearing aid was not available.25After hours, it will not work properly, and the other three hearing aids are42Within hours, it also stopped working due to severe rust. In contrast, Sangli’s innovativeIonThe back of the ear is a hearing aid96In hours, it becomes the hearing aid that is most resistant to water vapor corrosion.

In the analysis of why some hearing aids have low moisture resistance and some are strong, Xia engineers of Chinese hearing mechanics hearing aids explained that this is related to the design and application of hearing aid components. “For example, we are analyzing why the Sanli hearing aid can persist.96When the anti-corrosion test was carried out for an hour, the hearing aid was disassembled and we found that Sangli Innovation played an important role in protecting the hearing device battery door design, the use of the speaker protective film and the ingenious water vapor outlet. In contrast, many hearing aids still follow the traditional design philosophy, which reduces the moisture resistance of hearing aids. ”

Digital hearing aidThere are many advantages that the simulator did not have in the past, and the function of the hearing aid has become more and more advanced. However, if the hearing aid cannot be used normally in hot and humid environments, at least in southern China, a considerable number of patients have to give up. It can be seen that moisture proof and waterproof are the key to hearing aids. The Chinese Audiology Network recommends that hearing-impaired patients must have a detailed understanding of whether the selected hearing aid has sufficient rust and corrosion resistance before purchasing hearing aids.

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