Hearing aid purchaseSelection of various styles of hearing aids

In China, the five major hearing aid brands include Danish Resoda, German Siemens, American Stark, Swiss Phonak, and Danish Ouba. The prices of different brands are different.

According to the appearance of the hearing aid, it can be divided into: box type hearing aid , behind-the-ear hearing aids, In-ear hearing aid, ear canal hearing aid Deep ear canal hearing aid.


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The price difference between the various models is mainly determined by the performance of the hearing aid, including power, signal processing, frequency division compression, noise reduction performance, directionality, data analysis, feedback adjustment, and listening environment settings. In addition, it will also be affected by size, color and style. Hearing aids at different price points have significant differences in listening performance and comfort. Listening effects include language signal recognition, noise reduction and noise reduction, and sound orientation.

.Degree of hearing loss:

Each type of hearing aid has its own range of adaptation: the behind-the-ear hearing aid has the widest range of adaptations to meet the various hearing loss compensation needs, especially for severe, very severe or some high frequency steep drop hearing loss. It is necessary; in contrast, custom hearing aids have a smaller adaptation range and can meet the hearing compensation requirements below and below severe.

.User’s ear canal situation:

When choosing the type of hearing aid, the user’s ear canal condition is also an important factor to consider: if the ear canal is poorly developed or deformed, you should consider wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid; if you have inflammation such as otitis media, you should try to choose the behind-the-ear type; If the ear canal is too small, the invisible effect of the deep ear canal may be poor.

User’s age

Older people: In addition to hearing loss, many elderly people have poor eyesight, inflexible finger movements, fiddles with very small hearing aids, and very small batteries. Therefore, it is more advantageous to choose a back-type hearing aid. Of course, it is also a good choice to choose a large-sized ear-arm hearing aid. Adjusting the volume of the behind-the-ear type is easier than that in the ear, but if the hearing aid is equipped with a remote control, there is no difference between the two. From the perspective of easy access, the in-ear hearing aid is slightly more convenient than the behind-the-ear type. Ear-cavity, ear canal ear molds (or in-the-ear hearing aids) are much easier than full-ear chambers.

Young people: Age seems to be closely related to aesthetic requirements. The younger the younger, the more they want the hearing aids to be hidden, so they prefer to choose custom hearing aids, especially deep ear canals.

Children: Children should be based on the ear canal, but especially for the ear canal.9For children under the age of one, it is also necessary to choose a behind-the-ear hearing aid for children who need to have a language training.

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