Embark on a new auditory journey with JINGHAO‘s JH-A610, a remarkable line of mini rechargeable ITE hearing aids designed to enhance your hearing experience. In this article, we explore the key features that make these ITE hearing aids with bluetooth stand out, including Bluetooth connectivity, ease of operation with a big button, NTC protection, and convenient charging capabilities.

Big Button, Modify At Ease

JINGHAO’s JH-A610 hearing aids prioritize user-friendly operation with a big button feature. The 190° turn on adjustment knob ensures easy modification, allowing users to fine-tune settings with utmost ease. This intuitive design caters to individuals seeking a hassle-free and straightforward way to adapt our hearing aids to specific environments, providing a personalized experience without the need for complicated adjustments.

NTC Protection

Safety is at the forefront of JINGHAO’s design philosophy, and the JH-A610 hearing aids showcase this commitment through NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) protection. These ITE hearing aids with bluetooth are equipped with an automatic turn-off mechanism that activates when the temperature reaches 40℃, ensuring user safety. This advanced feature adds an extra layer of security, giving users peace of mind as they go about their daily activities.

Easy to Charge

Experience uninterrupted hearing with the JH-A61’mini rechargeable ITE hearing aids efficient charging system. A mere 2 hours of full charging grants you an impressive 12 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. What sets these hearing aids apart is their quick recharge capability, allowing users to recharge up to 3 times. This means you can enjoy up to 36 hours of listening without the worry of running out of power. (Note: Tests conducted in JINGHAO lab, results may vary according to usage.)

Convenient Listening Anytime, Anywhere

The ITE hearing aids with bluetooth redefine convenience, enabling users to enjoy their auditory experience without the constraints of frequent charging. Whether you’re engaged in a full day of activities or planning an extended outing, the JINGHAO JH-A610 ensures that your hearing aids stay powered for extended periods. With quick recharge options available, you can confidently take your hearing aids wherever you go, knowing they’ll keep up with your lifestyle.


In conclusion, JINGHAO’s JH-A610 sets the standard for Bluetooth-enabled ITE hearing aids. The big button for ease of modification, NTC protection for safety, and the convenience of efficient charging make these devices an ideal choice for individuals seeking a seamless auditory solution. Elevate your hearing experience with JINGHAO’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Choose the JH-A610 for an unparalleled blend of technology and convenience that enhances your daily life. Upgrade your hearing – upgrade to JINGHAO.

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