Old manHearing aidGenerally more money is suitable

Many elderly people often find that their hearing loss is indifferent. I feel that I can hear it loudly, without having to choose an expensive hearing aid. In fact, for the elderly, their concept is still in the past, the first half is a son, the latter half is a grandson, reluctant to spend money, do not want to add extra economic burden to their children. Even if the hearing loss is not willing to seek medical advice or wear a hearing aid, how much does the elderly hearing aid generally cost??


How much is it appropriate to buy hearing aids for the elderly?

Hearing aidIn a variety of ways, in general, the price ranges from a few hundred to several tens of thousands, which has no real reference significance for the elderly to choose a hearing aid.

First of all, we must be clear that hearing aids are used to help compensate for hearing loss. Unlike general consumer electronics, it is generally necessary to understand the level of your hearing before you can purchase an ideal hearing aid. But is it possible to achieve the effect of compensating for hearing after professional hearing test and fitting of the fitter? actually not!

Traditional hearing aids generally encourage everyone to go to the otolaryngology hospital or the hearing aid fitting center to do professional listening tests, and adapt the appropriate hearing aids according to the obtained hearing pure tone test chart. This is true, but it is not the only way to choose the right hearing aid. We all know that most brands of hearing aids are divided into channels according to their frequency, intensity, and frequency. They will be designed as channel, dual channel, quad channel, six channel, sixteen channel, thirty-two channel. and many more. The more the number of channels of the hearing aid, the more precise the processing of the sound, the pressure ratio, the start release time, the gain, the output, the noise reduction, etc. can be processed in a separate channel, which can make the sound output of the hearing aid clearer and more natural. ! The more channels the hearing aids have, the more expensive the price.

But so far, after hearing impairment in hearing-impaired patients, there is no way to help them return to their normal hearing level, even after a professional and complicated hearing fitting, it is also awkward! Secondly, hearing-impaired patients are much more demanding in terms of listening than normal human ears. Beijing People’s Liberation Army General Hospital(301hospital)Professor Yang Shiming once published an academic report at the International Hearing Impairment Academic Research Forum: The human ear has two major functions, namely, hearing and hearing! In other words, the normal person’s ear is actually self-contained with noise reduction! The structure of the human ear is precise and complicated. The inner pipe is like a layer of noise-reducing sponge. The sound waves transmitted from the outside have been reduced by some sound waves during the propagation. This ability to reduce noise is important for patients who need to compensate for hearing.

Hearing aidThe design of the channel, to a certain extent, has played its advantage in terms of noise reduction performance, but unfortunately, this advantage cannot completely eliminate the harassment of noise on hearing-impaired patients. Multi-channel type hearing aids, each channel is an independent sound detection locator that constantly detects changes in ambient sound and reduces noise in the channel to improve speech intelligibility. Since each channel does not interfere with each other and is independent of each other, the technology for detecting the environment is realized by the directional microphone technology, which is actually the beam principle of the flashlight. Imagine, in the dark night, where the beam shines, you can only see where it is, and the range of illumination is extremely limited. Directional microphone technology is the way to reduce noise. Directional processing of noise can reduce the noise of the external environment to a certain extent, but this method has regional limitations. Therefore, even a professional and complicated hearing fit does not necessarily result in an ideal listening effect.

Secondly,Hearing aidNot the higher the price, the better, this depends on the hearing loss situation and the style you want to buy. If it is a box machine, there are more than one hundred to three hundred, the back and the machine, the price is much more, from a few hundred to thousands, the most expensive to tens of thousands of dollars.

Here, I would also like to remind everyone that when buying lower-priced hearing aids, it should be noted that these hearing aids simply enlarge the sound and amplify the sound of the ear while amplifying the sound. This kind of rough hearing aid without sound refinement function can not only help the hearing, but will damage the hearing and lead to worse and worse hearing.

Choose an active noise reduction with moderate price and human ear noise reductionHearing aidIs the choice of more and more hearing-impaired users!

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