Do hearing aids need to be fitted?

Hearing aids are not bought but are matched. Just like we said to wear glasses instead of buying glasses. Optional hearing aid Is to choose the appropriate gain according to the user’s hearing conditions (go into) power hearing aids, And set the listening program according to the user’s listening habits. To know what is the right gain, An audiometer is used for hearing tests. Before choosing a hearing aid, in addition to caring about service attitude, As consumers should know which brands have more hearing aid outlets, Because most modern hearing aids are intelligent, each hearing aid manufacturer’s product has its own fitting software, if you go out, Once you need to adjust, the hearing aid store with more outlets is convenient. It can be adjusted anytime, anywhere. At present, there are more domestic ear points, such as ear hearing. Hearing aid fitters are required to pass national vocational training and audits. When consumers choose a hearing aid fitting shop May ask if there is a professional fitter in the store. Ask them to show supporting documents if necessary. When consumers are fitting, Think carefully about your usual listening habits and occasions. After all, hearing aids are auxiliary devices, and there are always some deficiencies. We can only choose hearing aids according to their most important needs, such as whether their work is noisy or quiet. Do you have a lot of civilian work indoors or often work in the field? and many more. A hearing aid that has been tested by a professional fitter and recommended, Should be able to use the remaining hearing of the user, By enlarging the external language sound signal, it helps the user to hear the conversation relatively easily. Solved the difficulty of communication. Consumers should pay attention to whether the hearing aid of their choice really reduces the difficulty of listening. An experienced fitter is asking the consumer to listen, Will cover the mouth, In order to prevent some hearing patients from reading the lips, it affects the evaluation of the true effect of the hearing aids. Consumers may wish to pay attention to these details throughout the matching process. For consumers who use custom hearing aids, hearing aids that are tailored to the shape of the individual ear canal are small enough to fit their ear canal, making such a medical device part of the body. Comfortable and convenient to use, Moreover, according to the principle of ergonomics, the sound collecting function of the outer ear can be fully utilized to improve the working efficiency of the hearing aid. Wearing a custom-made hearing aid for intense exercise is not easy to fall off, and few people feel inconvenient.

Advanced hearing aids are intelligent, The size of the sound signal output can be adjusted according to the listening environment, and the background noise can be shielded by itself, which is a function that the conventional box type hearing aid does not have.

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