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1. It can be heard occasionally without hearing aid. Just wear hearing aid to listen well, but after a period of time, I feel the hearing is worse.

Answer: most of the users who have this experience are single ear users. The reason for this is mainly related to the habit of using ears. If one ear is good, it will naturally be used frequently. If the other ear is not used, it will gradually degenerate. This can also happen if not selected, and < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/700.html" target = "blank" > hearing loss < / a > is faster. This is not the quality problem of hearing aids, but mainly caused by ear habits. Of course, it doesn’t rule out the influence of poor physical condition on hearing, such as cold, insomnia, etc. the reason why we recommend double ear fitting is to use both ears.

2. One ear is hard to hear, so if you put on hearing aids, aren’t both ears better?

Answer: the purpose of hearing aids is to protect the existing hearing and delay hearing loss. Hearing aids are not human ears and cannot restore hearing. Although they have been stressed many times, many people still can’t get over this barrier.

3. Why not match the bad ear with the better one?

Answer: if there is no significant difference between the two sides of the hearing, you can choose between them. But if the hearing condition of one ear is very serious, and only one ear is selected, the better ear should be selected. After wearing hearing aids for better ears, they can generally meet the requirements of normal listening. But if you choose a poor ear, you may not hear clearly, especially noisy and so on. Because the inferior ear’s auditory nerve has failed, it can’t handle so many sounds.

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