In today’s digital age, smartphone apps and EQ settings have transformed the way we experience music and audio. And now, JINGHAO‘s JH-W3 hearing aids are taking it to the next level by allowing you to customize your own sound journey like never before. Get ready to unlock the full potential of these groundbreaking rechargeable hearing aids with telecoil as we dive into how smartphone apps and EQ settings can transform your hearing experience. Get ready to be blown away by the possibilities that await you!

Features and Benefits of Utilizing the Smartphone APP

Our JH-W3 hearing aids come with a powerful smartphone app that allows you to customize your sound experience like never before. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this app is designed to enhance your overall hearing journey and provide you with ultimate control over your hearing aids.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of utilizing the smartphone app:

1. Personalized Sound Settings:

Our smartphone app allows you to personalize your sound settings according to your specific hearing needs. You can adjust the volume, treble, bass, and other audio parameters to create a customized listening experience that suits your individual preferences.

2. Real-Time Hearing Aid Adjustments:

One of the greatest advantages of using the smartphone app is that it gives you real-time control over your hearing aids. This means you can make adjustments on-the-go without having to take out or fiddle with your hearing aids manually.

3. Preset Programs for Different Environments:

Our app also comes with preset programs for various environments such as restaurants, concerts, or outdoor activities. These programs optimize the hearing aids’ performance based on the specific environment’s acoustics and noise levels.

4. Automatic Volume Control:

With the help of advanced technology, our can automatically adjust the volume level based on ambient noise levels in real-time. This ensures that you have a comfortable listening experience no matter where you are.

EQ Settings of JH-W3 Hearing Aids

The EQ settings of our JH-W3 hearing aids are designed to adjust the frequency response of the device, providing greater clarity and enhanced sound quality. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with specific types of hearing loss, as it allows them to fine-tune the amplification levels in different frequency ranges.

To access the EQ settings, users can simply download our JINGHAO app on their smartphone and connect it to their hearing aids via Bluetooth. Within the app, there is a dedicated section for adjusting the EQ settings, where users can choose from various preset profiles or create their own customized profiles.


With JINGHAO’s JH-W3 hearing aids and its accompanying smartphone app and EQ settings, individuals can now customize their own sound journey to fit their unique needs and preferences. From adjusting background noise levels to fine-tuning specific frequencies, these tools allow for a personalized listening experience like never before. Embrace the power of customization with our innovative hearing aid technology for a more enjoyable and fulfilling auditory experience.

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