ConductivityHearing aidvsSensory hearing aid[Advantages and disadvantages]

1.When a sound occurs, the sound waves are transmitted to the tympanic membrane through the external auditory canal and vibrate the tympanic membrane.

2.The vibration of the tympanic membrane drives the movement of three ossicles attached to the tympanic membrane (called the hammer bone, the anvil, and the tibia, respectively).

3.The tibia is connected to a fluid-filled organ, the cochlea, and drives the flow of lymph in the cochlea.

4.The flow of lymph fluid causes the hair cells inside the cochlea to deform. After the hair cells are deformed, an electrical signal is generated, which is transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerve. Why is conduction 聋 better than neurological hearing aid?

Damage to hair cells and other ear structures can result in hearing loss due to factors such as age, disease, trauma, and noise exposure.

Then two common hearing losses are

The first:Conductive hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss is due to the presence of lesions in the auditory pathways (the outer ear and the middle ear), causing the sound to fail to propagate properly.

Why is conduction 聋 better than neurological hearing aid?

This type of hearing loss can be considered as a mechanical conduction fault. For example, when an ear infection causes a middle ear effusion, these fluids may cause the sound energy to fail to be transmitted to the inner ear normally, thereby causing the sound to be blurred. byHearing aidAmplify the sound and the sound can be transmitted to the normal cochlea or inner ear.


Second:Sensorineural hearing loss

The sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the cochlea or inner ear. This loss can cause the sound to be blurred and distorted, which in turn affects speech intelligibility.

Due to the amplification of the hearing aid, the sound can be made louder, but if the hearing loss is caused by damage to the inner ear, the optional hearing aid cannot reconstruct the speech intelligibility. So we can clearly understand why conductive sputum is better than neurological hearing aids.

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