Is it enough for children to have a hearing aid?[Child hearing aid]

For the hearing aid industry, hearing-impaired children are special customers. To make hearing-impaired children recover, businesses must have higher and better technical conditions and service conditions to achieve this goal. The reality in the industry is that there are not many businesses that can meet this high demand, and some bad businesses will not take the initiative to tell you the truth. Therefore, as a parent of hearing-impaired children, it is very important to check the business when purchasing.

For hearing-impaired children, when purchasing a hearing aid, it is more important to choose the right merchant first. It is more concerned about who will give the child a fitting and who will give the child language training. It’s like trying to get a child to play the piano, not to buy a high-quality piano, but more importantly, who to teach.

Some people think that hearing-impaired children only need to wear a hearing aid.OKThis is a serious misunderstanding! What is more important for hearing-impaired children is not to wear a hearing aid, but to “listen to the sound, hear clearly, and speak clearly and clearly.”

What kind of higher requirements are there that some businesses can’t do? Or what conditions must the children with hearing disabilities recover in order to recover?

First, to make the hearing-impaired child recover well, the sooner you should intervene, the better.

Before the age of three, it is the key period for children to learn language. The so-called critical period is the period in which certain behaviors during the development of the individual will occur under appropriate environmental stimulation. If there is no proper environmental stimulus during this period, this behavior will not occur. So the sooner the child’s hearing loss is detected, the earlier the child is equipped with a hearing aid and the language training is given, the better the rehabilitation effect. The higher the child’s audiometry requirements for professional equipment and personnel, the industry consensus. Some fitting centers have no visual intensive test, game audiometry and other equipment can not give the main observation to the children under two years old, the fitter can only fit the hearing aid according to the hospital’s objective test report, the accuracy is definitely not as comprehensive as considering The fitting of the subjective and objective test report. More fittings, the hospital’s objective test report can not understand, can only speculate the child’s hearing level debugging hearing aid, such a fitting, will greatly affect the rehabilitation effect.

Second, there must be a good fitter to ensure that the hearing aid has always been in excellent compensation.

childHearing aidThe fitting is more complicated than for adults. The fitter should debug the hearing aid according to the child’s listening characteristics. For example, adults using adaptive microphone technology can improve the speech resolution in noise, but children with severe and severe hearing loss will lose their learning and understanding with directional microphone. There are a lot of opportunities for certain sounds, such as hearing aids. In addition to the assessment of hearing aid effects, children do not describe how they are listening. They ask the fitter to combine various assessment methods to understand how the child listens after wearing the hearing aid, such as sound field assessment, real ear analysis, etc. Different forms intuitively determine whether the child’s hearing aid compensation effect is optimal. In addition, regular review and evaluation are indispensable means to ensure that children’s hearing aids have always maintained good results. If the hearing aid is not properly compensated, the language training will be half the battle.

Third, the corresponding language training must be carried out, and a good language training class should be given to the children for relevant scientific training.

Wearing a suitable hearing aid only solves the child’s hearing impairment problem, and he hears some sounds that he could not hear. But to let the child understand the sound he hears requires professional language training. To make a metaphor, my ears are normal, there is no problem listening to Mandarin, but I have not learned German. I can’t communicate with people when I arrive in Germany. Hearing impaired children after listening to us after wearing a hearing aid are similar to a person who does not understand German and is in a German language environment. However, the process of learning the language of the hearing-impaired child is different from that of the adult learning foreign language. The child’s learning language has its own characteristics, which requires the professional language training teacher to give the child correct training according to the child’s language development rules, and the child can master it well. Language can be truly “listen to the sound, hear clearly and clearly, can speak and speak clearly.”

Therefore, in addition to letting the hearing-impaired children use hearing aids as early as possible, our parents should not be sloppy in their investigation of the merchants. Cough, if the business environment is more honest, we don’t have to be so troublesome, but there is no way, we have to spend a lot of time thinking about it: one of the key points is to choose a high-level fitter to give it to yourself. The child does the fitting, and the other is to choose a high-level language training class to give the child language training. Merchants must meet these conditions, because our children must have these conditions to recover.

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