Many hearing loss occurs gradually, so the symptoms of hearing loss are difficult to detect. The first symptom of hearing loss is often that he has to turn up the TV volume or ask others to repeat what they said. When our hearing begins to decline, we gradually forget all kinds of sounds. We began to live in a silent environment, not noticing that we could not hear a very small voice or the daily sound like rain, birds singing. Here we list some of the most typical symptoms. Adults and children have different symptoms.

Adult symptoms

If you have one or more of the following questions, you should take time to consult with your listening Consultant:

1. People seem to be muttering. When others are talking or whispering, you must concentrate to hear them;

2. It’s hard for you to hear others speaking from behind or from other rooms. You need to see the lips of the speaker to keep up with your conversation;

3. It is difficult for you to talk with people in public places such as meetings, churches or speeches;

4. You often have to turn up the TV or radio volume;

5. The phone is not clear;

6. You have a hard time listening in the theater, cinema or other entertainment places;

7. It’s hard for you to listen to the noise environment in restaurants and cars.

Due to hearing problems, you begin to limit your social activities. Family members, friends and colleagues have to repeat their words several times to make you hear clearly.

Symptoms of hearing loss in infants and children

1. Unable to complete the communication suitable for his age (in some cases, it will be wrongly defined as slow development);

2. No response to sudden strong sound;

3. When there is a sound (especially in soft sound), the head cannot be correctly oriented towards the sound direction;

4. Unable to locate sound;

5. Repeatedly infected with ear diseases;

6. Unable to make correct response to the sound from other rooms or back;

7. Speech comprehension develops slowly or abnormally;

8. Language development is slow or abnormal.

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