Can I wear a hearing aid during the college entrance examination?-Can you take a college entrance examination with a hearing aid?

In this exam about the fate of thousands of students, students with hearing impairments are also on the road to the final sprint. They wear hearing aids, have worked harder, don’t look up to others, and they are scenery. The college entrance examination will be held tomorrow. While blessing and encouraging the candidates, do you know what reasonable conveniences can be obtained for candidates with hearing impairments when they take the college entrance examination?

Regarding the hearing loss candidates and their families, the most important point: Can hearing-impaired candidates wear hearing aids when they take the college entrance examination?

The answer is yes. according to2018The Ministry of Education and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation issued the fifth paragraph of Article 5 of the “Regulations on the Administration of National Examinations for the Participation of Disabled Persons in the Enrollment of General Colleges and Universities”: Allowing hearing-impaired candidates to carry hearing aids, cochlear implants and other hearing aids. In addition, hearing-impaired candidates can also obtain the following convenience: Exemption-free listening test for hearing-disabled candidates.(After the application is approved, the scores of the foreign language subjects of the disabled candidates who are exempted from the Listening Exam are based on the written test scores × the total score of the foreign language department./The total score of the written test section is calculated.)Priority is given to the test center and the examination room. Establish a separate standardized examination room with clean and quiet environment, suitable lighting and easy access, A separate foreign language listening playback device is available. The test center and the examination room are equipped with special staff (such as guidance assistants, sign language translators, etc.) to assist. Test sites, test venues set text indications, communication boards, etc. If you need to obtain the above reasonable convenience, you need to apply in advance and provide the application materials according to the requirements. After acceptance and comprehensive evaluation, the hearing loss candidates who pass the examination can enjoy these conveniences during the college entrance examination.

Extra part

Hearing is not good, what kind of major is better??

Majors such as media, foreign languages, and music may have some restrictions on hearing. In addition, it is best to choose the profession you like, work hard for the ideal, and have a dream not to chase.

If you don’t have a clear goal, consider a computer with a low level of listening, such as computer, software engineering, electrical, automation, design, and post-production.

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