Can the hearing aid be tried on?

Whether the hearing aid can be tried on, is related to the policies of each store. Some big chain of hearing aid stores. Can have a free trial30The policy of the day, but the full amount of the machine must be paid as a deposit. Wearing a hearing aid first has to lower the expectation. The hearing aid can only help us hear the sound, and the clarity of the resolution depends on the resolution of our brain.


1.After completing the hearing test at the fitting center, you can choose to try on several products to compare them;

2.Some institutions also have a certain period of trial wear, which can be taken home after the deposit is paid;

3.The effect of the general hearing aid will be more or less reflected in the field trial, can meet their own needs, solve their own hearing problems, because even the best hearing aids can not compensate for the same as the ears, there must be A reasonable expectation.

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