Can I wear a hearing aid that no one else uses?

No, because everyone’s hearing loss is different, the current hearing aids are debugged based on the patient’s audiogram. If it is a computer-assisted in-ear or external hearing aid, it can be re-commissioned at the fitting center. If the power is right, it can be worn, but if it is a custom-made hearing aid, it cannot be worn because it is customized with the patient’s ear canal. Not applicable


The choice of hearing aids is determined according to the degree and nature of hearing loss. The hearing aids of others are debugged according to the hearing loss of others. For your hearing loss, it may be too enlarged, and it may not be enough for your hearing compensation. I suggest that you can take the hearing aid to the professional fitting center. First, you have to test your hearing, let the fitter see if you can use this machine. If it can be used, if it isBTEThe back of the ear machine, you can use it directly after debugging. If it is a custom ear machine, you can let the fitter help you redo the shell and use it again.

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