Can be worn during pregnancyHearing aidWhat?Can be worn during pregnancyWireless hearing aidWhat?[Will there be radiation?]

The hearing aid is actually a sound processing system that can compensate for hearing loss for different hearing loss.

The hearing aid is an electronic product, but it is not radiated like a mobile phone. The hearing aid has no other side effects such as radiation. It is worn on the ear and is not worn on the stomach. It just acts as a device that amplifies the original sound itself. It has no effect. As long as the scientific fitting, debugging is suitableWireless hearing aidIt does not affect the fetus. If the pregnant woman is a congenital axillary patient, the incidence of deafness in the next generation will be much higher than that of the normal person, so the newborn is now screened for hearing for three days.


Maintain a good mood during pregnancy, balanced diet, good pregnancy check, rest, no room for pregnancy in the first trimester and third trimester, no smoking……….

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