Hearing aid belongs to an electronic product. We all know that all electronic products are afraid of water, so do hearing aids. If we wear hearing aids, it suddenly rains heavily, and we don’t have an umbrella, which causes the hearing aid to be caught in the rain, can the hearing aid be used?

First of all, when it’s raining in the sky, and we don’t have an umbrella or shelter, we should take off the hearing aid in time to prevent it from getting caught in the rain, which should be clear.

Then talk about what to do if you can’t get caught.

After being caught in the rain, it can’t be used immediately. Don’t try to wear it to see if there is any sound. If the hearing aid doesn’t ensure whether there is water in it, in case there is water in it, it is likely to cause short circuit of the internal parts of the hearing aid, so it is likely to be scrapped.

After the rain, first wipe the water stains on the surface with a clean cotton cloth or paper towel, then take out the battery, open the door of the battery compartment, and put it into the special drying box for the hearing aid. If it doesn’t rain for a long time, you can dry it for about 8 hours by yourself. After the general water is gone, you can try it on to see if there is any sound.

If you are not sure, you can not do the above step. Take the hearing aid directly to the local fitting center and ask the professional to dry it for you. They will generally use the vacuum dehumidification with better effect.

There are several points we need to emphasize. After rain or water, remember not to take a small sun or a blower to try to dry the hearing aid. The shell of the hearing aid is likely to change or be damaged due to excessive temperature, resulting in various kinds of fault damage.

Secondly, do not try to wear the hearing aid when you are not sure whether it is completely dry, as I said earlier, if there is water, it will cause short circuit damage to internal parts.

There are also some hearing aids that are so-called waterproof hearing aids. However, there is a limit to this waterproof device after all. Although it can accept short-term water encounter, if you wear it to take a bath, swimming is definitely not possible.

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