Can a wear-back hearing aid be used for exercise?

Hearing aid Be sure to sweat Moisture-proof, face wash Bathing Swimming is a must to take off Hearing aids have a behind-the-ear type If you wear a behind the ear I feel that the earplugs are not strong Can do ear mold Ear molds are customized according to ear canal conditions Very firm Will not fall and also If power If the ear canal condition allows Can also do the ear machine Plug directly into the ear Not easy to fall off

Hearing aids should be waterproof and shockproof during daily wear. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath and swim, etc., as to what kind of exercise, whether it is intense, if it is not a vigorous walk, etc. There is not much sweating, so the ear can be worn. However, if it is strenuous exercise, sweating is more, try not to wear it. The first is that the sweat is eroding the machine, and the second is that it is easy to fall, fall or lose.

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