Hearing aidCan I brush my health insurance card? Can you reimburse?

Every month, we will pay social security. If you can take medicine, you can brush your social security card. If you can buy a hearing aid with a social security card, you can buy a hearing aid. Do you want to know if you can buy a hearing aid to brush your social security card?

The social security card is the abbreviation of the social security card. The social security card records the social insurance payment of the cardholder, the personal account information of the pension insurance, Medical insurance personal account information, etc. The social security card is an electronic certificate for workers to work in the field of labor security. The cardholder can use the card to seek medical treatment and settle the medical insurance personal account; the card can be used for pension insurance; the card can be used to apply for job registration and unemployment registration, apply for unemployment insurance, apply for employment training; Card application for labor ability identification and application for enjoyment of work injury insurance. Then, can the expenses incurred in purchasing a hearing aid be classified as a medical insurance personal account for settlement?

To this end, hearing experts have carefully consulted the information, and after consulting relevant people, they learned that: within the scope of reimbursement of medical insurance: in accordance with the provisions of the Social Insurance Law, in line with the basic medical insurance drug list, medical treatment items, medical service facilities standards and emergency departments The medical expenses for salvage shall be paid from the basic medical insurance fund in accordance with state regulations.

Items not covered by the reimbursement of medical insurance:

First, the service project class

(1)Registration fee, out-of-hospital consultation fee, medical record fee, etc.;

(2)Special medical services such as outpatient fees, examination and treatment expedited fees, naming surcharges, high-quality and high-cost fees, and self-requested special nurses.

Second, non-disease treatment projects

(1)Various beauty, bodybuilding, and non-functional cosmetic, orthopedic surgery, etc.;

(2)Various weight loss, weight gain, and increase projects;

(3)Various health checkups;

(4)Various preventive and health care programs;

(5)Various medical consultations and medical evaluations.

Third, medical equipment and medical materials

(1)Positron emission tomography(PET),Electron beamcTInspection and treatment programs for large medical equipment such as ophthalmic excimer laser therapy devices;

(2)Rehabilitation equipment such as glasses, dentures, prosthetic eyes, prostheses, hearing aids, etc.;

(3)Various self-use health care, massage, examination and treatment equipment;

(4)The provincial price department stipulates that disposable medical treatment cannot be charged separately.

Fourth, treatment items

(1)Organ or tissue source for transplantation of various organs or tissues;

(2)Transplantation of other organs or tissues other than kidneys, heart valves, corneal skin, blood vessels, bones, bone marrow transplants;

(3)Myopic orthopedic surgery;

(4)Qigong therapy, music therapy, health-care nutrition therapy, magnetic therapy and other auxiliary treatment projects.

Five, other

(1)Various infertility(孕)Diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction;

(2)A variety of scientific research, clinically validated treatment programs.

Hearing aidIt belongs to the scope of medical equipment and is currently not covered by medical insurance.

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