Buying a hearing aid is important after sale

When buying a hearing aid, you must pay special attention to the after-sales service part of the business. If you don’t pay attention to this, it will be easy to suffer. Why do you say that?

Reason one: not all the hearing aids are purchased, everything is good, any one purchaseHearing aidEveryone needs an ongoing regular after-sales service, which is to review the hearing regularly, evaluate the hearing aid effect, and debug the hearing aid for free. Note: This is the key.

Hearing aid fitting parameters must match the user’s hearing loss and listening needs in order to maximize the performance of the product. And this kind of anastomosis is not something that every user can find in the first purchase, even if it can be found, it will not change. For example, if the hearing changes, you will feel that the sound is not well heard and cannot be heard. At this time, the user should go to the fitting center to review the hearing in time, and debug the hearing aid according to the new inspection report, in order to regain the natural and clear sound quality. Situations such as these are often encountered during hearing aid wear.

Without such after-sales service, the value of hearing aids purchased by users is greatly reduced. Imagine a hearing aid that costs tens of thousands of dollars because the fitting parameters are not comfortable to listen to, the hearing is unclear, or because the listening environment has changed the hearing aids, it is a big loss!

Reason two: warranty service. Although hearing aids are products with low failure rates in electronic products, they still have a certain failure rate. Say100%No fault, it is fooling you. Therefore, the free warranty of the hearing aid is especially important. Buying a product without a regular warranty will allow you to use a hearing aid for five to eight years, but only for one or two years. The general formal fitting center will provide warranty service. Strong merchants will also have an after-sales service center in the local area to shorten the time for the user to wait for the machine as much as possible, and to ensure the accuracy of the improper modification of the outer casing and the ear mold as much as possible. Warranty service is more difficult to guarantee for online purchases and products purchased at small outlets that are not authorized.

Reason three: free maintenance service. This is a trick to extend the life of the hearing aid, keep the hearing aid functioning and reduce economic losses. Today’s hearing aids have been digitized, and powerful functions are integrated on a small chip. The level of sophistication inside the hearing aid can be imagined. Therefore, the hearing aid is more susceptible to external environmental factors (such as moisture, blockages, etc.) than other electronic products, so the regular maintenance service of the hearing aid helps to extend the life of the hearing aid.

Reason 4: The nationwide warranty service, for users who often go out, it will be convenient to have this service. Without this service, it is not only troublesome, it may increase the cost of additional hearing aid maintenance. For example, when a user wears a hearing aid to a business trip in another city, the hearing aid has a minor fault, and the user can enjoy the free repair service by taking the warranty card to the local fitting center. If there is no warranty service, the user will have to pay for the hearing aid at the local fitting center. Of course, the warranty service means that you can enjoy all the services you can enjoy at the place of purchase in a foreign city.

Therefore, before purchasing a hearing aid, be sure to know the after-sales service of the merchant:

First, depends on whether the merchant’s after-sales service content contains the above items, should the free after-sales service project be free?

Second, it depends on whether the merchant has a formal and specialized after-sales technical service center in the local area. This is not something that all businesses can do. Only a truly powerful and skilled business can set up such a service center. You should be cautious when setting up a dedicated after-sales technical service center.

Third, try to choose a local business with multiple regular stores. This represents the strength of the business, the real strength and confidence of the business will do this; on behalf of the local business has a larger number of service cases, the technical level is more reliable; on behalf of many local people have verified this for you Businesses; it means that you will be more convenient and worry-free in the future.

Fourth, try to choose a local business that has a long operating period. The long operating period indicates the recognition and trust of consumers, especially those with more business hours. For our consumers, this is best choice. The benefits of this are not everyone’s knowledge, it is the most basic common sense.

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