Most sensorineural hearing loss can’t be cured by medicine or surgery. Hearing compensation with hearing aid or cochlear implant is the most effective hearing solution in the world. Through compensation, most of the sounds in daily life can be heard and communication problems can be improved. Just like people with poor eyesight can wear glasses, hearing aids can help people hear and hear clearly, which is convenient for study, work and life. If the hearing aid is not checked in time or not properly matched, it will not only affect communication, cause inconvenience to yourself and people around you, but also aggravate the hearing loss. If the hearing system does not accept the sound stimulation for a long time, it will cause the degradation of the hearing center, even affect the language function, and cause other physical and mental problems. So how do we choose hearing aids? Let’s talk about Jinghao listening.

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Generally speaking, the hearing aids of the inner ear type and the back ear type are the most common. The body of the ear back machine is located behind the ear, and is connected to the ear mold in the ear canal through a bent sound tube. However, in order to look more beautiful, people usually like to wear inner ear hearing aids. However, the earphone has many advantages, such as: easy to wear, easy to switch on and off, and easy to replace the battery. Moreover, the ear mold of the ear back machine is separated from the body, which is conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of the ear mold. The earphone also has audio input settings, which can be directly connected to the audio equipment to avoid the interference of external noise. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of an open ear back.

The ear back machine can be used for both open and closed fitting. The closed fitting of hearing aid is to block the outer ear or ear canal almost completely with the made ear mold. Then, by opening the air hole on the ear mold, the hearing expert can change the sound quality and wearing comfort of the hearing aid to meet the individual needs of the wearer. Generally speaking, the more open the ear mold, the more comfortable the hearing aid wearer will be.

Open fitting ensures that the ear canal is completely open, keeps the ear canal ventilated and dry, and avoids the distortion of the wearer’s own voice. It can also amplify the swallowing and chewing voice abnormally (if you block the ear canal with your fingers, then swallow or chew, it will produce similar discomfort). The wearer can feel a more natural sound. The hearing aid for the elderly is because the sound is directly transmitted to the eardrum, maintaining the original directionality of the outer ear and ear canal. Open fitting can also give high frequency signal with the most ideal amplification and high comfort.

Jinghao hearing aid reminder: hearing aid wearing requires professional “matching”, so it is very important to choose a professional hearing aid matching center and a hearing aid tester! If you have any hearing problems, you can call Jinghao for consultation, or come to the matching center for experience. Hearing aid free consultation Tel.: + 86-18566295705


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