According to historical experience, the impact of major epidemics on macroeconomics is limited. Previously, with the exception of the Spanish flu of 1918, other major historical outbreaks, which caused GDP losses to affected areas within 2%. This impact is manifested in the capital market and will show a short-term decline, but once the epidemic situation turns for the better, it will soon rebound.

The outbreak also gave 5 new opportunities to the industry chain:

First, the accelerated development of online consumption habits has given more users the habit of purchasing products and services online. To this end, industries related to personal consumer brands and consumption habits will usher in huge development space and business opportunities.

Second, the convenience business that meets the needs of the community will accelerate the development, more enterprises will provide community O2O service business, and the platform will replace the intermediary.

Third, many companies are forced to strengthen online models. Online businesses such as education and training will usher in rapid development, and competition will be fiercer.

Fourth, the demand for personalized transportation methods has increased, and new energy vehicles, used car trading, and even new single-person travel modes have ushered in an outbreak of tourism and sightseeing.

Fifth, people will understand the importance of life and pay more attention to health, so health, health care, fitness and other industries will usher in new development.

Since February 10, many companies have resumed work or resumed work online, which means that China’s economy will begin to accelerate, and competition between enterprises that have survived and eliminated will resume. At this time, the entire industry should be vigilant again about the return of the commercial plague of “price war”. In the past 20 years, Chinese products have swept the world quickly because of “good quality and low price”, but when the cost rises, obsessed with “price war” may drag down the entire industry chain. Rational selection of quality suppliers is the most critical move

Link:According to historical experience, the impact of major epidemics on macroeconomics is limited.

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