A touching story about hearing aids

On the day of September 2, 1998, the staff of the “Beautiful Mother” crew came to our school to pick up the actors. At that time, my class teacher, Mr. Huang, said to the crew that “the sorghum of our class is the most clever. If he can’t, you are very It’s hard to find a more suitable candidate.” After many auditions, the crew decided to take my video to Director Sun Zhou and Gong Li to watch. After watching my video, Gong Li said, “It’s going to be sorghum.”

The crew immediately informed me and my mother to go to Beijing. When I arrived in Beijing, I entered the “Beautiful Mother” crew. When I first saw Gong Li, I called “Mom”. When she saw me, I immediately fell in love with me. At the beginning, Director Sun Zhou worried that my language communication ability was poor. I went to the Beijing Children’s Rehabilitation Center to ask the teacher to help me in order to successfully complete the filming work.

Gong Li’s mother also carefully selected an advanced one for me.Hearing aidWhen I put on the hearing aid, my whole person felt changed. I heard very clearly. I can communicate with Gong Li’s mother. Yes, I found the feeling in my own play. She is my mother. I fully understand that Director Sun Zhou gave me a play. Both me and Gong Li’s mother played very well. The feelings outside our play are very real.

It is because of this hearing aid that it is easy for me to integrate into this big family. Everyone in the crew speaks standard Mandarin, which also makes my listening and speaking skills leap. Without the language barrier, even in the hard shooting process of minus ten degrees, I can happily work, live, and fight with the crew every day. Here, everyone loves me and calls me “Grandpa.”

The hearing aid helped me to successfully film the movie “Beautiful Mother”, and “Beautiful Mother” was later awarded the first25The excellent feature film Golden Rooster Award.

When I walked on the streets of Berlin, filmmakers and journalists from all over the world took photos with me and praised me with a thumbs up.Very Good”!

Dreams come true—

With the small ears of hearing aids in my life, my original black and white life has been completely renewed, my listening and speaking skills have been significantly improved, my life has become more colorful, I can hear from life and nature. All kinds of sounds, this is really a wonderful thing!

Since then, I have added confidence and courage to work hard. I soon transferred to normal school. I happily passed through the primary school in Danguili Primary School in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, and then successfully went to Guangzhou University Experimental Middle School. I started my middle school study life. At that time, I was a special student in the class. Although my grades were not the best, after all, my hearing was limited… but my teachers and classmates did not disappoint me and worked tirelessly. Help me make up the lessons in my spare time, encourage me not many times. “You do it!” I also firmly believe that “I will do it!”

My side has always been full of love! Over the years, my hearing aids have been constantly upgraded, and now I have the latest technology hearing aid products! It embodies the love of countless people and gives me the unchanging determination to face new life and new mission bravely! I love technology, I am determined to pursue higher technology development in the future, develop more and better products, seek benefits for the people of the world, and give back to the community!

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