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2016Year, my sophomore next semester. During that time, I was confused and embarrassed. Later, I searched Yang Luye on the Internet and wanted to know the life of Yang Luye’s sister. The reason why I searched for her was because I saw a report about Yang Luye’s sister in elementary school. She knew that she was also a hearing impaired person. At that time, the name Yang Lanye was engraved in my heart. It was a lot of years.

Later, I found the blog of Chen Xihong’s aunt, and Chen Xihong was the mother of Yang Luye’s sister. Auntie’s blog records the life of Yang Luye’s sister in the architecture department of Tsinghua University. I felt very fresh when I saw it. I tried to send an email to her mother.

The email that I sent now is summarized as follows:

Hello, my name is Cui Yuyu, a sophomore at the History College of Beijing Normal University.

Let me talk about it first, I am a hearing impaired person, wearing a hearing aid. I have been troubled for a while ago. When I choose to study in the future, I still want to find a safe job.

One is that I can’t be a history teacher. Although I studied in Beijing Normal University, I chose to read history only because of interest.

The second is that it is very difficult to complete the study with the current state of hearing. (It’s not impossible to complete, it just takes a lot of effort, is it worth it?)

The third is a sister who is already working at my side. She studied accounting and undergraduate course, but now she has encountered various inconveniences after her work.

I said one thing: “Reading research is just a contradiction that will aggravate my work today.” Her point is that even if they accept higher education, when they come out, society feels that you and those who have low cultural quality have no What is the difference, there is a big gap in psychology.

Auntie, I heard about Yang Luye’s sister when I was a child. I searched last night and found your blog. I am very curious about Greenfield’s sister.13What is the choice after graduation?

If the aunt has any suggestions, please ask.

Looking at the mail now, I can still feel my own confusion at the time. In my opinion at the time, this kind of mountain was exhausted, which was largely caused by my hearing impairment. In fact, today, I will not deny that hearing impairment poses a huge challenge to our study and life, but I believe that our mentality can be adjusted better and more open.

Later, Aunt Chen quickly sent me an email. In this email she mentioned the cochlear implant. With the consent of Chen Ayi, I will extract some of the emails about cochlear implants as follows:

Let me talk about the situation of the green field, I think this is what you care most about :). Because I was studying architecture and had a five-year academic system, Luye graduated last year. She had to study in Tsinghua last year. However, in September last year, she had to apply for a year of rest, and she had to apply for a year of rest. Read again this summer. You must care about the effects of cochlear surgery, then Auntie is happy to tell you: very good! Face-to-face listening and speaking ability is greatly enhanced, and you can call, you can chat on WeChat video, which solves a big obstacle for her future work.

Written here, Auntie would like to ask, have you considered the possibility of doing cochlear surgery to improve learning and communication? It is estimated that you originally belonged to a situation similar to that of Greenfield because Dai Hearing aid The rehabilitation effect is good, and the attitude towards cochlear surgery is conservative, and it is not willing to make an understanding, let alone try. In fact, after the cochlea, Greenfield is very happy with the changes brought about by surgery. She has a detailed rehabilitation diary on Weibo. If you are interested, I will send you the Weibo address to understand. To be honest, I really hope that her surgery will be done sooner, her college life will be different.

Aunt Chen, who was a little excited when describing the recovery of Greenfield’s sister, infected me and quietly touched my heart. Later, I went to Greenfield’s sister’s Weibo to see her boot diary, and I saw it one by one. At that time, I was very excited, and I also had a lot of emotions and yearnings. Later, I copied and pasted these few boot diaries one by one, made a document, and sent it to my mom and dad. Mom and Dad were also moved after reading.

15In the summer vacation, Greenfield’s sister returned to China, just in time to Beijing, we had a meal and chat. That day. The smile of Greenfield’s sister is as clear and splendid as the sun in the sky. We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Although there was a compartment inside, it was very troublesome for me to have music, because I only had to communicate with people in a very quiet environment. But the music of the restaurant seems to be no challenge for the greenfield sister.

At that time, Greenfield’s sister ordered the food, and the waiter stood by. She looked down at the menu while talking to the waiter. She did not rely on the mouth shape, which surprised me.

I also found that when we ordered the food, the waiters could understand the words of the greenfield sister. The voice of Greenfield’s sister was not particularly understandable to me. At the time, I felt that Greenfield’s sister spoke a little faster and the voice was not too loud. I didn’t hear it clearly. But when I found out that Greenfield’s sister and the waiter were talking, just talk about it again.OKVery labor-saving. I think this is very good, because when I speak for myself, sometimes I have to repeat it with others to express my meaning.

In addition, when I was talking on the road with Greenfield Sister, she was looking straight ahead and talking to me while walking, but I had to look over her mouth. This is also a very obvious contrast.

After that, I have been in contact with Aunt Chen and Greenfield, and they all recommend me to do the cochlea. Aunt Chen is very enthusiastic to help and point me. I am very happy to introduce the specific situation of the recovery process of Greenfield Sister. Then I also introduced the teacher, Teacher Shi, who was in the training period of Greenfield’s sister’s training and rehabilitation. Mr. Shi is experienced and understands my situation. I also recommend that I do the cochlea. In this way, my suspicion and hope of burying the cochlea for many years, once again issued a new shoot.

During the summer vacation, I met my mother, Xiaohui, a kindergarten student. She had a cochlea for one year. Xiaohui’s hearing seems to be70Decibel, can pick up the phone, but suddenly fell to college110The appearance of the decibel, the hearing aid can not hear clearly, so I have to do a cochlear implant. Xiaohui tells us that her cochlear recovery is good, and the precautions related to the cochlea do not interfere too much with daily life. But I noticed that Xiaohui sometimes looks at the mouth shape. It seems that there is no such thing as a greenfield sister. It is the reason why the degree of listening training is different.

In this way, I later made a cochlea. For a long time after the end of the operation, Xiaohui has been in contact with me, paying attention to my progress in rehabilitation, and after introducing my inconvenience and troubles, I also introduced some of her experiences to me, which made me feel at ease.

I am deeply grateful to Chen Ayi, Shi teacher, Greenfield sister, and Xiaohui family.

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