a hearing aid that allows the elderly to wait too long

Everyone knows that as people get older, people’s organs will gradually age, and most people’s hearing function is no exception. However, some people think that they are older, and it is normal to hear them. It is not good to hear them, and there are not many troubles. But this is not the case. In fact, the older people who are not hearing well, the more they can’t hear, the more they want to hear, the more they want to know, the more their temper will become bigger, and even I feel that I can’t hear it anyway. I will not listen, and I will be alone. Some elderly people, after knowing that they have poor hearing, immediately communicate with their children or come to our fitting center to consult the hearing aids. We will patiently help the elderly to answer the questions, help the elderly to test their hearing, and choose the appropriate according to the hearing situation. The old man’s machine audition, so often the old man is the first to receive hearing aids from the heart, the positive role in the heart plays a key role, even if the resolution is not very good, but he firmly believes that by wearing a hearing aid, you can hear more through the sound , constantly stimulating the brain nerves, will hear better and better, and have great confidence in hearing aids.

Similarly, we have encountered such a customer, obviously hearing is not good, saying that I am fine, I heard it, the child took him to our fitting center, after measuring the hearing, after seeing the results, I have to admit that I am not listening. Well, after wearing the hearing aid, I feel that the effect is very good. I have been convinced from my heart and accepted it. However, there are very few customers, and their children are filial, so that they can persuade the elderly to go to our fitting center. Even the hearing has no patience. It is not necessary to test it. Just give me a hearing aid, and I will not accept it after persuasion. We are very helpless. We can only wear a hand-tuning machine. If we don’t wear it, we can say that the effect is not good. When we wear it, we don’t listen to us saying that we have no effect. If the children buy it, let them wear it themselves. Anyway, he Do not wear, take off the hearing aid and turn away. So we say that attitude is to decide whether the fitting is successful or not. The key is to hope that family members can patiently explain and enlighten the elderly. Only the cooperation of users can make the hearing aids really work.

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