4~6Old children’s hearing aid fitting points

With the gradual development of cognitive ability,4~6Older children are getting better and better with behavioral audiometry, and the repeatability of audiometry is getting higher and higher. Unless there are cognitive obstacles, the hearing level of hearing aids for hearing-impaired children in this age group should be based on The results of behavioral audiometry are used, and the results of the guest observation are used as a reference. Because the former is more able to reflect the functional state of the entire auditory system. It is based on this age that children can cooperate well with the fitter. When the hearing aid is fitted, the gain of the hearing aid can be determined according to the parameters given by the prescription formula, and then the sound field can be used for audiometry and speech or speech test results. The hearing aid is fine-tuned to ensure that the amplified sound falls within the audible dynamic range. This not only ensures the best audibility of the speech spectrum, but also avoids excessive amplification of the low frequency energy in the background noise. It is important to note that after the child is equipped with a hearing aid, the discomfort threshold must be tested to avoid secondary hearing damage caused by the hearing aid gain being too large. When the child’s hearing aid is fitted, the adjustable buttons such as volume and program should be locked, and the corresponding auxiliary device should be recommended according to children’s needs.


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