What is the effect of hearing aids?

The effect of wearing a hearing aid is related to many factors, mainly in the following aspects:

His own speech recognition rate, hearing loss is too long because there is no sound to stimulate the auditory nerve for too long, resulting in degeneration of the brain’s central speech recognition ability, and many sounds can no longer be recognized. This is also the reason why hearing aids are now found to be equipped with hearing aids as early as possible in order to prevent central degeneration. The performance of the hearing aid, the better the performance, the higher the comfort and clarity of the hearing aid, especially in complex and noisy environments.


The person who speaks, each person has his own accent, pronunciation habits, different speeds and pitches, some pronunciations are very fast, and they are not easy to understand, so it is difficult to hear and understand, even the hearing is normal. The same problem exists.

The hearing aid is related to the wearing effect. The first one is the customer’s own hearing loss and speech resolving ability; the second is to choose whether the hearing aid’s grade can meet their own problem solving needs. The more complicated the problem is solved, the more difficult the hearing aid is. The higher the choice, the more expensive the price; the third hearing aid is not properly debugged, and the parameters of the hearing aid are directly affected, which also directly affects the hearing aid hearing effect. Fourth, it is the scientific use of the customer and the psychological expectation. Some patients wear a hearing aid, and one person does not wear or exercise at home, and wears it when there are many people. This is not acceptable, the hearing aid has passed the adaptation period, usually wear it, and exercise more to have a better effect.

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