< strong > hearing loss of the elderly

According to the statistics of relevant departments, the number of people with hearing disability accounts for the first among all kinds of disabled people in China. The population over 60 years old accounts for 13.26% of the total population. About 11% of these people have different degrees of hearing loss, and become one of the main people with hearing loss. However, the number of people who wear hearing aids accounts for a small number, resulting in a lack of communication with their families and a decline in the quality of life.

< strong > old people’s misunderstanding of wearing hearing aids < / strong >

Because of the shackles of traditional concepts and ideas, many people have misunderstandings about wearing hearing aids. They think that in most cases, hearing aids are not needed to hear clearly, hearing will decline faster when wearing hearing aids, and both ears can’t hear clearly, as long as wearing a hearing aid. These ideas have led to a decrease in the proportion of hearing aids worn by the elderly. But experts remind: many old people’s hearing loss is caused by the degradation of hearing organs, which is not paid attention to in the early stage, and only when it develops to moderate or even severe. Theoretically, there is 40 dB hearing loss. It is recommended to wear hearing aids. After wearing hearing aids, it can maintain speech recognition rate and delay hearing loss.

< strong > what should the elderly do if they have hearing loss? < strong >

First of all, we should go to a professional hospital or fitting institution for hearing test to understand the degree and type of hearing loss. Because most of the hearing loss can be prevented and treated in the early stage, which can delay the aggravation of hearing.

Secondly, under the advice of doctors and professional audiologists, after a certain period of clinical treatment, according to the situation of hearing loss, choose to wear appropriate hearing aids. Avoid shopping at will to avoid damaging the remaining hearing. At the same time, if there is hearing loss in both ears, it is recommended to wear both ears.

Again, after wearing hearing aids, there is a certain period of adaptation, usually in a few months. The time of wearing in the early stage can be shorter and gradually adapted, and the time of wearing in the later stage can be prolonged if you are used to it. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the volume of the wearer. It is suggested that the volume should not be opened too much in the early stage, and it should be adjusted to a comfortable volume after adaptation. There needs to be a consistent wearing process.

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