Wear Hearing aid 5 Big misunderstanding, The second one you definitely can’t think of

1: My hearing is okay, I don’t need to wear it now.

Many old people think that their hearing is OK and they are not willing to accept the help of hearing aids. These old people often say, “I have no problem with my hearing. I can hear it when you speak. I can hear it on TV.” In fact, when others talk to the elderly, they can’t help but increase the volume. The volume of the TV is also adjusted. Big. After testing, these elderly people have varying degrees of hearing loss. In general, hearing loss is40dbHearing aids should be worn on both left and right patients.

Wearing a hearing aid5Big misunderstanding, hearing problems are not arbitrarily

misunderstanding2: Dai Dai Hearing aid There will be dependence, hearing loss will be faster

Some people are reluctant to wear hearing aids. They are worried about the dependence on hearing aids. They can’t pick them up anymore, and their hearing drops faster. In theory, hearing aids can delay the phenomenon of hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability. Studies have shown that poor speech recognition ability of senile deafness may be related to central nervous system dysfunction and the cognitive ability of patients. Early wearing hearing aids can protect patients’ central nervous speech recognition functions.

misunderstanding3: Waiting for the hearing to drop, and re-matching too much money

Some old people thought Hearing aid Just like the reading glasses, as the vision drops, the glasses with deeper degrees will be allocated, and the hearing aids will be replaced. actually not. The hearing aid has an adjustment function, and as the hearing is reduced, the corresponding adjustment can be made on the hearing aid. A pair of hearing aids can be used for many years if properly protected.

misunderstanding4: Relatives have an idle hearing aid, I can wear it.

It is a mistake to buy a hearing aid or use someone else’s hearing aid. The hearing loss is divided into different types, with high-frequency falling type, that is, no high-frequency sound is heard; there is also a low-frequency falling type, that is, a low-frequency sound cannot be heard. So, patients with hearing loss are matched. Hearing aid Before, you must go to the hearing center to perform hearing tests, and then perform hearing aid fitting.

Wearing a hearing aid5Big misunderstanding, hearing problems are not arbitrarily

misunderstanding5: Both ears have hearing loss and only wear a hearing aid.

It is understood that some patients with a single ear wearing a hearing aid are not satisfied with the later effects, especially in an environment with large ambient noise or noisy people. They often complain: “Why can’t I hear what people are saying when I wear a hearing aid?” Patients with a hearing aid on a single ear often push the responsibility to the hearing aid, saying that the hearing aid is not good. Experiments have shown that wearing a hearing aid with both ears can significantly improve the speech recognition rate, which is more directional than the single ear, and can also increase the stereoscopic effect of the sound so that the sound is clear and full.

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