Thousands of looks of love

Yet the most beautiful

Not wind and snow


Go hand in hand at all times

These couples fighting the epidemic are in a different light …

Companionship is the most confession

Under the epidemic situation, a lot of stories about “frontline of anti-epidemic, battle of husband and wife soldiers” emerged, and we have such a couple beside us.

Qiang Zhao, husband, president and judge of the Trial Supervision Division of the Linkou County Court.

Liu Wei, wife, director of thematic department of Linkou County Radio and TV Station.

The two have different careers, but whenever there is an emergency, they are always on the front line.

The wife had long known that her husband Zhao Qiang was going to the community to fight the epidemic at 7 am on February 11th, so he had cooked warm food and prepared a warm coat in the early morning. The family of three had breakfast and had not had time to clean up the chopsticks. Seeing that time was too late, his wife Liu Wei quickly got dressed and told her daughter who was studying at junior high school: “Well to do homework at home, I will accompany your dad on duty.” , Said: “It’s so cold outside, we have two people, don’t need you to go.” Wife Liu Wei said, “It’s okay, I wear much more. It happened that my unit didn’t take my turn on duty today, I might help when I go. It ‘s busy, many people do their part. “Zhao Qiang could not bear his wife, so she had to follow her.

The two-hour duty may not feel very good in Huifeng and Changan South, but it is especially impressive in the cold Northeast. During the shift, Zhao Qiang kept his wife warm to the store next to him from time to time, but his wife never left. Given the registration information of the residents, persuaded the residents to go out less, protect the epidemic, and helped the grandmother and grandmother to go out to carry heavy shopping bags, she did not lose a thing.

His wife Liu Wei, who works on TV, knows her responsibilities. Faced with the epidemic, the couple were like-minded and rushed to the front line of the epidemic without fear. This kind of common adherence is the longest confession.

Warm each other in the cold wind

He is Zeng Fanying, the deputy director of the Executive Bureau of the Binxian County Court. He is the husband and the father of the child. The epidemic struck. Together with his wife, he supported the front line.

She is Wang Baiqiu, deputy president of the Bird River Court of Bin County Court. She is the wife and mother of the child. Currently, she is holding the line with her husband.

They are both colleagues and partners, sacrificing their time with their families and rushing to the front line of fighting the epidemic.

But they feel that no matter how hard it is to build a small family’s security line, it is worth it!

Every morning, when Wang Baiqiu and Zeng Fanying wore good masks and were going to go out, they had to face the child ‘s nostalgic eyes and the parents ‘concerns. Whenever this time, the couple always smiled and explained:” We are Communists. At all times, my duty is to stand at the first post of epidemic prevention. ”

They are not only husband and wife, but also “comrades-in-arms”. They accompany each other in the raging cold wind and warm each other.

Fight against the “epidemic” with your heart

This winter, the expected Ruixue did not finally come down, but ushered in an epidemic, which was unexpected. Every day, the epidemic notification of new crown pneumonia affects everyone’s heart.

The husband of Xue Yujuan, a police officer at Qitaihe Intermediate People’s Hospital, is a medical worker who has been holding his post and fighting for the forefront of the epidemic. As a party member, Xue Yujuan also wants to contribute to her strength like her husband.

“One day is a party member, and I will follow the party for life. I also walked into the community without any thought, for nothing else, thinking that I can finally make a contribution, and my heart is very solid. As a party member, when can I show my wholeheartedness? Serving the people? Isn’t it just at this time? Living in peace and security not only cares for the small family, but also for the country! ”


At the intersection of the community, regardless of the cold, set up checkpoints and carry out propaganda for epidemic prevention and control. “Looking at the publicity leaflet that can be sent to the masses, and hearing our persuasion, I am very relieved to take the initiative to stay at home. At least, if one less mass is infected, it will reduce the burden for medical workers like my husband It has also reduced the burden on the country. ”

No “Winter” cannot be crossed, and no “Spring” will not come. At that time, let us hug tightly and say to each other: Don’t come without a wish, spring blossoms!

There is a romance that is watching each other

There is a kind of romance, which is mutual watch at work; another kind of confession, which is the company of each other in the cold wind. In such a special period, there are always some people who deserve our praise, and some families who deserve our praise.

The Wangkou Ting and Hu Zhengshuai of the Linkou County Court are a couple born in the 1980s. In 2008, they entered the court through admissions. Both of them have been admitted to the court after graduation. Since then, the court has carried their youth to them. Their memories.

Her husband Hu Zhengshuai traveled for three months before returning from Shenyang on the 29th day of the second lunar month. This Spring Festival is different from previous years. With the development of the epidemic, a large number of people are required to participate in the work of fighting the epidemic. The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. After the period of self-isolation expires, the husband and wife take the initiative to fight for the epidemic prevention and control work, and at the same time complete the daily work, undertake the external communication , Internal coordination, community duty, volunteer service and many other tasks.

They are simple and ordinary, without strong words, but with diligence. In the current epidemic, they have chosen to stick to their posts and work side by side between their careers and their families. Because watching each other at work is the best romance.

Blue and gray is the most beautiful couple outfit

“Medical Care Blue” and “Balance Gray” are the most beautiful couple outfits.

One of them is Niu Changshun, the president of Bin’an Court of the Bin County Court, and the other is Qu Junying, the head nurse of the Bin County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Currently, they are struggling in their own positions.



After the epidemic came, Niu Changshun responded to the call as soon as possible and signed up for volunteers to cooperate with the community to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. As the head nurse, Qu Junying has been fighting on the front line of the hospital all the time. The husband and wife settled the elderly and children at home and fought side by side in the fight against the epidemic.

It is said that young people like to wear couples, but they always think that “medical care blue” and “balance gray” are the best match. In this battle without gunpowder, a special love is interpreted.

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