In the hearing aid industry, there is a popular saying: “three points for hearing aids, seven points for matching”. It can be seen that the matching process of hearing aids is very important. It is a high-precision electronic product that needs to go through a step-by-step professional matching process to make hearing loss patients regain their new voice.

Now, let’s go step by step to explain the process of hearing aid matching~

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Step 1: ask for medical history and establish archives

When the patient enters the store, he / she should first communicate with the patient in a friendly and friendly manner, record the basic information such as the user’s name, gender, age, birthday, address, date and contact number, and then start to inquire about the medical history. Medical history inquiry includes:

1) hearing history: including the time, side, degree and fluctuation of deafness;

2) past history of otology: including whether there was infection, purulence, pain, operation, etc. in the past;

3) family history of deafness: including whether there are deafness members in the family and the relationship with the patients;

4) tinnitus and vertigo history: including the time of appearance and disappearance, the relationship between the nature and hearing;

5) noise exposure history: including exposure time, type, etc;

6) ototoxic drug contact history: including age, method and duration of drug use;

7) hearing aid wearing history: including wearing age, time, type, effect, selection source, etc.

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2. Otoscopy

First, observe the patients with external ear malformation and atresia with naked eyes, then use electric otoscope to observe the patients’ external and middle ear. It is important to observe whether the external auditory canal is swollen, whether the middle ear is inflamed, purulent, running water, tympanic membrane perforation and other symptoms. (Note: the contraindications of hearing aids can be excluded by asking medical history and otoscopy.)

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3. Pure tone audiometry

The thresholds of air conduction, bone conduction and discomfort threshold were measured in the sound insulation room meeting the international standard by using the calibrated audiometer, and the test results were recorded. Then explain the test results to the patients quantitatively, qualitatively and locatively.

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IV. hearing aids

According to the patients’ hearing situation and psychological price, try to listen to two or three different hearing aids for the patients, and then adjust the hearing aids according to the subjective response of the patients to let the patients experience. Then let the patient choose one of the most satisfactory hearing aids.

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V. effect evaluation after hearing aid

The effect of hearing aids was verified by sound field assessment, speech audiometry and true ear analysis, and then the test results were explained to the patients.

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Vi. determine the model, take ear samples, and customize ear mold / customized machine shell

If the patient decides to choose the ear back machine and the hearing is not very heavy, then it is not necessary to take the ear sample; if the patient chooses the ear back machine and the hearing is very serious, then it is necessary to take the ear sample to make the ear mold; if the patient chooses the customized machine, then it is necessary to take the ear sample to make the customized machine shell.

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VII. Fill in the order and order the machine

Fill in the order of hearing aid according to the actual situation. After the machine arrives, check whether there is any quality problem with the hearing aid, make sure there is no quality problem, and take the machine through the patient.

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VIII. Pick up

When the patient comes to pick up the machine, they need to fine tune the hearing aid, evaluate the sound field for the patient, conduct speech audiometry and real ear analysis to verify the effect of the hearing aid, fine tune the hearing aid according to the test results and the subjective response of the patient, and then save the debugging results. And tell the patients how to wear hearing aids, hearing aid maintenance, battery replacement, adaptation plan, regular in store maintenance and other basic knowledge.

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IX. follow up

After three days, the patients were asked by phone whether they would wear hearing aids and change batteries;

One week later, the patients were asked by telephone about their adaptation;

One month later, the patient will be asked by telephone whether they have fully adapted to the hearing aid, whether they have other uncomfortable places to wear, and they will be informed that they can enter the store at any time for debugging if they are uncomfortable, and the hearing aid will be regularly maintained in the store, etc;

After that, we will pay a return visit every three months. (Note: make detailed records for each return visit)

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The above is a complete hearing aid matching process, I hope to help you.


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