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(1) first of all, a detailed general and otological examination should be carried out to eliminate the contraindications of wearing hearing aids.

(2) a comprehensive audiological examination should be carried out to obtain as much hearing information as possible. It is better to know the degree of hearing loss from 250Hz to 8000Hz.

(3) it is recommended to wear both ears. If there is no condition for wearing only one ear, make sure to wear that ear.

(4) making ear mold with corresponding acoustic effect.

(5) according to the results of hearing test, the willingness of wearer, working environment, economic conditions, etc., select the power, type, style, shell color, amplification mode, etc. of hearing aid.

(6) according to the different types of hearing aids, the working state of hearing aids can be adjusted by computer, interventional gain tester or manual operation.

(7) let the patient try to wear the hearing aid for a period of time, and then evaluate the effect of the hearing aid in different sound field environments (including quiet environment, two person conversation environment, group conversation environment and language environment). It should be specially pointed out that when evaluating the effect of hearing aids, it is necessary to test not only the hearing threshold of hearing aids, but also the discomfort threshold after hearing aids.

(8) the practical effect of hearing aids should be evaluated by speech test after the old children and the adult patients wear the hearing aids after the initial adjustment, and the children who have no language and cannot cooperate should also be evaluated by sound field method constantly

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