During the epidemic, there was an impressed saying, “Live well and live well.”

“Talking about life is too extravagant. Sometimes, I just do my best when I’m alive.” An elderly man in Wuhan had to get a bed for his diagnosed son; he spent five days and five nights alone in the hospital.

When the son finally entered the ward, the old man would come to write a pen and write a message to his son: “To survive.” The old man was 90 years old, and her son was 65 years old. At the beginning, his son lived in a fever clinic, and the old man kept on the bed side by side: he didn’t sleep for five days, and he ate instant noodles when he was hungry. “I’m 90 years old and I’ve seen through life and death. But if I want to take you away, I won’t allow it.”

This pneumonia, let us really see what is meant by “all living things are not easy.” Under the shadow of the epidemic, we don’t know: how many “Mr. Zhang” are still ill and have not been diagnosed.

As one writer puts it: “A ash of the age that falls on an individual’s head is a mountain.” The people who are crushed by the mountain are not only those who are sick, but also those who are not infected but are “strained” . It is everyone who is entangled in this era.

In the New Year, the old man risked the epidemic and went out to sell candy gourds; it was as cheap as one yuan, but unfortunately no one was on the street. The old man who sells vegetables can’t buy a mask; but the vegetables are in the field, and they won’t be sold again. At the critical moment, you ask for money or death? However, for some families, lack of money is tantamount to death. At the moment of the epidemic, no one’s life is easy. When I was a kid, I heard the elders say that to live is to live better. Now I know: Some people live, just to live.

In the face of a disaster, it is easiest to see human nature; it is also easiest to see the kindness in people’s hearts. No one has survived this disaster, but each of us must find a way to “survive.” The shimmer of humanity of these ordinary people, and the tenacious will to live well, are the best “special effects”.

There is a scene in “The King of Comedy”: Cecilia Cheung said: “Look, the front is dark and you can see nothing.” Zhou Xingchi said: “No, it will be beautiful after dawn.” In fact, it is already lit .

In the coming days of 2020, I hope there will be no disasters and no difficulties. Peace and joy!



So far, the epidemic has developed. In addition to being concerned about the spread of the epidemic throughout the country, more people are coming into our sights. It is undoubtedly the touching moment when people face the epidemic when they face the epidemic!

Whether it’s the medical staff who are on the front line of the war epidemic, the compatriots who are struggling to donate mask materials at home and abroad, or even the dissuasion of seeing strangers without wearing masks when they go out … Unforgettable moment! The more difficult such times are, the more we need to see such warm moments.

       If the country is in trouble, I will do my part. Don’t write my name! “An old sanitation worker came to the police register room, put down a paper bag on the counter, and the staff member stood up and asked. The old man hurriedly said” wrapped in that paper bag “and left in a hurry. The worker opened the paper bag only I saw 12,000 yuan in cash. The old man was later found by the reporter. In the interview, he only said, “The country has difficulties. I will do my part. Don’t write my name or report me.” “We don’t know what this 12 thousand yuan means to this simple-dressed old man. We only know that when the country encounters difficulties, there will always be countless people like this old man who are willing to pay for nothing. Because this is our motherland!

“You come home safely, Laozi packs one year of housework!” His wife is about to go to Wuhan, a husband lay crying on the bus window and shouted, “You come back safely, Laozi packs one year of housework!” This is a husband involved in his wife I can say the most touching love words and the most helpless encouragement before danger!

Every medical worker who goes to Wuhan for support has relatives and friends. They can take responsibility for the current situation. They dare not embark on the journey and can be left in the same place. Tell them how to feel relieved! Thousands of fears finally converged into a sentence “Take care!” This is a war, and each of us caught in the epidemic is a soldier. And every war epidemic story that happened to you is the most precious mark of this special period!


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