Many users still don’t know how to maintain the hearing a ID after buying it back. < a href = "'id" target = "blank" > Jinghao hearing aid < / a > now we will introduce the maintenance methods and precautions for you.

Moistureproof hearing aid is a medical instrument composed of precision electronic components. The entry of moisture or water will damage the electronic components, making the hearing aid unable to work normally. If there is noise, distortion or no loud play, sometimes the hearing aid will be damaged or even completely scrapped due to long-term damp and rotten internal main board The following are common problems and our suggestions: the source of moisture the invasion of moisture often occurs in swimming, bathing, shampoo, face washing, rain. Attention should be paid to sweat, dew in the early morning or fog, and water vapor intrusion in the air when the humidity is high; others, such as glue eruption, clothes washing splashing, boiling water vapor, etc. How to prevent, prevent and re prevent moisture. Most of the moisture can be prevented. It should be noted that the sweat contains salt, which is much more corrosive to electronic devices and circuits than water. That’s why hearing aids are easy to break in summer. It is recommended that you open the battery compartment door and take out the battery every night when you stop using the hearing aid, and put the hearing aid into a dry bag, bottle or electronic care treasure. Don’t worry about the solution after getting damp. Dry the hearing aid, and then put it into a sealed dry bag or electronic care treasure. Maybe it will be fine tomorrow. Even if it is good, continue to absorb the residual moisture every day. If it still can’t be solved, please go to the hearing aid fitting center to give it to the fitting examiner for solution. Don’t delay, so as to prevent the moisture from penetrating into the hearing aid, corroding the devices and the main board. For the desiccant, please go to the hearing aid professional service center and the pharmaceutical purchasing stations, photo equipment points and pharmacies in large and medium-sized cities to buy. Some desiccants are disposable, and they will be changed once every two months or so. The color of the reused desiccant will change, reminding you that you need to dry or dry before using.

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Leak proof liquid the zinc air battery used in hearing aid contains strong alkaline electrolyte. Once it leaks out, it will cause fatal injury to hearing aid. We suggest that you take out the battery every day when you stop using the hearing aid, put the hearing aid into the electronic care treasure or the drying box, and check the battery status before you install the battery the next day.

Earwax prevention in China, earwax is usually dry. Most of the earwax will fall out of the ear canal due to vibration when talking, chewing and walking. However, some of them will remain in the ear canal, especially after wearing the customized machine, the ear canal will be blocked, and the earwax will directly block the mouth of the receiver, resulting in silence and even damage the receiver.

About eardrum maintenance: eardrum maintenance, mainly to prevent falling and damage, mold hole blocking, acoustic tube deformation. Generally, when eardrum is not used, it should be placed together with hearing aid, and dry and soft cloth should be used to clean eardrum every day. If there is any blockage in the mold hole, it shall be removed. It is best to wash eardrum with warm soapy water once a week. Before washing, it needs to be separated from the hearing aid. After washing, the eardrum must be wiped clean and air dried. Only after the same air dried in the sound guide tube can it be connected to the hearing aid for use. In which cases should earmuffs be replaced? If it is found that the earmuffs are damaged, inapplicable, the foreign matters in the holes of the earmuffs cannot be removed, or the acoustic rubber tubes turn yellow and hard, you need to go to the hearing aid fitting center to ask the fitting examiner for assistance in handling or replacing them.

Anti vibration hearing aid is like a quartz watch, which is afraid of falling. Because the components in the hearing aid are connected by very small wires, it is easy to break after receiving the impact, especially because of the structural relationship of the receiver, the internal voice vibrating reed and thimble are easy to shift and deform after the impact. Cause distortion and silence. Due to its small size, the customized machine is easy to slide from the hand when it is put on or taken off, so we must pay attention to this point.

The maintenance of hearing aids is related to the effect and life of your hearing aids, so it needs the attention of users.

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