JH-A50 TV shopping hot sales mini ITE hearing aids

  1. TV shopping hearing aids hot sell. New private model
  2. Automatic volume selection
  3. It will remember the last volume you selected
  4. Easy to hide and comfortable to wear.
  5. Easy to adjust the volume and switch ON/OFF.
  6. Our product is extremely small in size and light in weight that makes it one of the tiniest devices available.
  7. Highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes
  8. HIGH QUALITY SOUND MODIFICATION: Digital volume control allows the user to comfortably modify volume and tone for optimum hearing.
  9. DURABLE AND LONG BATTERY-LIFE: Top grade materials have been used to construct both the external case and internal components of the units. These are designed to consume very little power in order to maximize battery life and reduced expenses.



Mini size & invisible

Mini ITC hearing aid type which can be hidden in the ear and invisible

How to setup

Step 1: Install the battery

Open the battery compartment door and place the battery with “+” side up. close battery compartment door.

Step 2: place in the ear

Turn the volume dial to low . move the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. When ready to place the amplifier into ear. hold the unit by the top section, as shown on right. mark sure your fingers do not cover the microphone as it will cause feedback. finally, place the amplifier into the ear as the picture showed.

Step 3: adjust the volume

To adjust the volume, remove the hearing amplifier and gradually increase the volume by turning the Volume Dial.

Step 4: after use

To turn off the amplifier, move the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. The next time you turn on, it will have the last volume you selected. remove the amplifier form ear, and place it in the case to store.

Mini size & easy to operate

  • On/off switcher
  • Volume adjust wheel


  • 1 x Hearing aid
  • 1 × Updated Multi-Function Cleaning Brush
  • 2 × A10 battery
  • 3 x Earplugs(S/M/L)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x shockproof box
Additional information

Beige, OEM

Max Sound Output


Sound Gain


Frequency Range


Input Noise


Working Current


Total Harmonic Distortion





CE,ISO13485,ISO9001,Medical CE,Rohs,FDA


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3. We are top grade hearing aids manufactuer in China, not trading company.
4. Our MOQ is 100pcs, because the shipping cost is expensive, we don't sale just one piece for retail.