Japanese hearing aid vs Chinese hearing aid [Comprehensive comparison]

In recent years, as more people in the country go out to travel and work, the exchange of information at home and abroad has become more and more smooth. Many customers who have come to our store to choose hearing aids have been abroad. They will speak abroad when purchasing hearing aids. How can hearing aids in developed countries be cheap, is this really the case? Let’s take a closer look.

We know the price of “Behind-the-Ear” digital BTE hearing aids from domestic stores.1000 -4000 Yuan if the price of the hearing aid is different from the technical parameters, the number of channels that the hearing aid can adjust is one of the most important parameters for distinguishing the price.1000The hearing aids around the yuan are generally 2 Channel adjustment hearing aid,4More than 10,000 hearing aids reach or exceed20Adjustment channels. So what is the price of hearing aids in developed countries? Take our neighbor Japan as an example. There are almost no hobby stores in Japan.2Channel hearing aid sales, as a fitter, obviously knows2Channel digital hearing aids are finely adjusted, and many manufacturers only list in developing countries.2,3Channel hearing aids. The number of hearing aid adjustment channels sold in Japanese franchise stores is at least4Even4The number of models of the channel machine is also small. Not a mainstream product, generally sold more6-8A hearing aid that adjusts the number of channels. So what is the price of these hearing aids? We take a brand (specific brands are not explained here) as an example of a back-mounted hearing aid for everyone to explain this brand.4The retail price of the channel hearing aids in Japanese stores is9About 10,000 yen (calculated at the current exchange rate5500Yuan yuan), this price is basically the lowest price of Japanese hearing aid franchise stores, of course, the sales process may have a discount, the same brand same model4The channel hearing aids are priced at domestic retail price.2300About RMB yuan, it seems that our domestic hearing aids are cheaper than developed countries, but this is only a comparison of economical hearing aid prices. Let’s compare the luxury type of hearing aids with the highest price, the latest series of the brand in China.20The retail price of the channel-adjusted hearing aid is44000Around RMB, the price in a franchise store in Japan is50About 10,000 yen (the current exchange rate is equivalent to RMB310,000 yuan), the price of the highest-end luxury hearing aids, the domestic price is obviously higher. Let’s take a look at the more sales.6-8Channel-ear type hearing aids, this type of main price hearing aids are more models, Japanese franchise stores retail price range from12Million -18Ten thousand yen, the RMB price range is7300yuan-11000Yuan, the retail price range of domestic corresponding products is5000-10000Yuan Renminbi, slightly cheaper than Japan. I remember to attend the United States before.3AAt the annual meeting of audiology, I visited local hearing aid franchise stores. Their lowest price is800Around the dollar, the highest price is5000Multi-US dollars are not much different from Japan, which is also a developed country.

The highest price hearing aids in Japan and the United States are equal to the lowest price of hearing aids.6-8Times, the ratio of the highest price to the lowest price in the country is about45Double or so (even if removed2Channel hearing aid spreads are also available20More than twice, the price of the lowest price hearing aids in developed regions is significantly higher than ours, but the highest price hearing aids are indeed significantly lower than ours. This may be one of the main differences between a mature market and a developing market. On the one hand, this kind of price difference may be a disparity between the rich and the poor, and on the other hand, it is caused by insufficient customer awareness. Mature markets generally have a constant market capacity, such as the growth of the hearing aid market in Japan for many years.2%, individual years are negative growth. The sales of many hearing aids in China have shown a double-digit growth trend.

Compared with mature markets, the psychological pressure of the fitters in developing markets when talking about the price of hearing aids with customers is obviously greater. Such large price differences, let the fitter make customers in the process of debugging and performance display. It is very difficult to feel and recognize the benefits of the spread, which leads to the speech-based sales method in the domestic hearing aid sales process. The fitters who master customer psychology and communication skills can often sell higher-priced hearing aids. The fitter’s sales performance, which focuses on demonstrating the performance and differences of hearing aids, is often not the best. In addition, Japan also has a domestic box-type hearing aid, which is generally sold at5About 10,000 yen, RMB3000Yuan or so. But it is not the mainstream of the market, so we mainly discuss the price of mainstream digital behind-the-ear and custom-made hearing aids on the market. Please don’t confuse them.

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