In daily life and work, we should pay attention to the maintenance of hearing aids, especially in the daytime when we are mostly outdoors. How to maintain the hearing aid during the day?

1. The earphone in the hearing aid is located at the front end of the hearing aid. It transmits the amplified sound to the patient’s ears through a half moon shaped bend. It plays a very important role in the hearing aid. At the same time, it is a device that is most afraid of falling and shaking. When it falls vertically in 1.5m debugging, it can break the earphone, which will affect the sensitivity of the coil in the machine, the distortion of listening and speaking, the change of tone and the effect of hearing aid.

Therefore, the user should install the earphone on the cushion to prevent the earphone from being damaged by falling when he loses his hand.

2. Hearing aid is a kind of precision equipment, which may cause damage under high temperature for a long time (such as exposure to the sun for a long time, close to the stove, etc.), so it must be prevented.

3. Don’t let cats, dogs and other pets get close, so as to avoid teasing or swallowing hearing aids.

The good maintenance of hearing aids can effectively extend the service life and maintain a high listening effect. If there is no time for maintenance during the day, you can also choose to remove the hearing aid before going to bed for some maintenance. How to maintain the hearing aid at night?

1. Zinc air battery is easy to be affected by the environment. The best humidity is about 60%. Too dry or too wet will shorten the use time.

2. When it is wet in summer rainy season or southern spring rainy season, open the battery compartment every night and put the battery and hearing aid into the drying box together.

III. under normal or dry conditions, do not put the battery in the drying box at night to avoid excessive drying. In most areas of northern China, batteries do not need to be dried all year round.

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