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There are many old people with deafness and their families have this doubt. They think that it is normal for the old people to be deaf when they are old. Some old people are very exclusive of hearing aids. They are afraid that using hearing aids for a long time will damage their hearing and depend on hearing aids.

“In fact, these views are wrong, which will make the elderly more serious.” Here the audiologist will give you a detailed explanation. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with relying on hearing aids. A lot of people are old and have trouble using their eyes. They will use crutches if their legs and feet are not easy. But it’s strange that many people just don’t like using hearing aids and feel that they will rely on them. In fact, hearing aids, like presbyopic glasses and crutches, are auxiliary tools for the life of the elderly. Wearing hearing aids can slow down the process of hearing degradation, help to improve the hearing status of the elderly, avoid further hearing damage, and improve the psychological status of the elderly. If the old people use hearing aids “can not be separated” or “can not be removed”, it means that hearing aids play their due role, greatly improving the user’s hearing situation, which is a good thing.

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