In the old age, the body function gradually decreases, while diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other common diseases of the old will cause the degeneration of the whole body organs. Listening is also most susceptible to these factors. With the hearing loss of the elderly, they are more and more unable to hear other people’s conversation. They often sit in a corner silently in the family, and their quality of life is greatly affected. At first, the family will increase their voice to talk with them, but because they often either don’t answer the questions or interrupt frequently, gradually, whether they are at home or chatting with their neighbors, they become outsiders, so they become fidgety, lonely or even eccentric. Later on, even their old friends are upset.

Communication with people is the basic spiritual need of people. In fact, psychologists believe that not only conversation, music and natural sounds play a significant role in maintaining people’s mental health. But as hearing declines, these pleasant sounds will gradually disappear from life. What an unfortunate thing it is!

Many old people are frugal all their lives. If they don’t make it sound laborious, they won’t go with hearing aids. Most of the elderly are neurogenic hearing loss, which is mainly high frequency hearing loss. The first thing the elderly can’t hear is often the high pitch (such as the consonants s s and Ch in Pinyin), while the reception of the low pitch (corresponding to the vowels in Pinyin) is generally not affected. As a result, you can’t hear clearly. Often interrupted, “angry” to listen to “listen to the play”, the meaning of all twisted. Hearing aids can enlarge the treble mainly according to the characteristics of senile hearing loss. Moreover, it can achieve “more amplification of light sound and less amplification of strong sound”. The sound after wearing is relatively soft. Of course, the price is also an important factor restricting the selection of hearing aids for the elderly.

The reason why many old people are reluctant to use hearing aids is mostly related to the bad impression when using the old hearing aids. In addition, the elderly can’t help but ask the acquaintances who have been equipped with hearing aids about the use effect before they are equipped with hearing aids. Because quite a lot of hearing aids for the elderly are purchased in shops instead of going to hospitals or regular franchise stores, the quality can’t be guaranteed. The feeling of their use may lead people to mistakenly think that it is not helpful for people to match hearing aids.

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the hearing aid industry has entered the digital era. Now the new all digital hearing aid’s internal chip is like a small computer, which has a very fast operation speed. It can filter out the noise to a certain extent and improve the signal-to-noise ratio through frequency analysis. In addition, it can also use directional microphone to more accurately aim at the moving sound source and suppress the dry noise, so as to selectively strengthen the voice. For example, when the elderly go to public places, the hearing aid can reduce the background noise through the directional microphone.

However, despite the rapid development of hearing aid technology at present, any kind of hearing aid is only a means of rehabilitation. It is helpful to the hearing of the elderly but does not play a therapeutic role. Therefore, it is impossible for people to return to the same level as normal ears. Family members should understand the suffering of hearing loss of the elderly, speak slowly, and pay attention to communication skills, such as sitting on the opposite side of the elderly, so that the elderly can see the mouth pattern. When chatting, you can first tell the old people what they are talking about, and don’t change the topic abruptly, so that the old people can join in the exchange with knowledge and experience.

Experts remind that there are risks in the selection of hearing aids, and improper selection will damage hearing. For example, we know that strong noise can damage hair cells in the ear. An improperly selected hearing aid may amplify the intensity of the sound, thus exacerbating the process. Therefore, it is suggested that people with hearing loss should not buy a hearing aid by themselves or their families, but should match a hearing aid according to the situation. The best way is to go to a hospital or a regular franchise center to find special personnel to help with the selection. After the hearing test, the match maker will selectively magnify at different frequencies according to the specific situation of the patient, so as to ensure the effect and minimize the possible damage.

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