The community closed management, stay at home is in anti – epidemic.Stay at home, want to have a meal, buy medicine, daily life how to safeguard, how to provide daily necessities?What tricks does different district have?On February 24, the reporter of hubei daily all media divided into three ways to visit how to enter ordinary people’s homes.

Volunteer service: community expert + volunteer

At about 7 PM on February 24, the first phase of haifu jiangcheng community, sheng lei and volunteers were distributing group purchase materials for residents in turn.

“31-40 is finished. Now 41-50 can come down and get supplies.”Buds are notified in group WeChat.On that day, sheng lei and volunteers bought 200 servings of milk, 60 servings of vegetables, 60 servings of meat and 40 servings of fruit according to the residents’ needs.

“Volunteers are unpaid and volunteer to serve the community.”Sheng lei is party secretary and associate professor of school of film and television media, wuchang university of technology.Wuhan after the implementation of community closed management, to buy food has become a headache for everyone.See the community is not enough, on February 17, sheng lei took the initiative to live in the haifu community to report for duty as a volunteer, to assist the property management and community to do residents logistics.

She in the investigation of large business overtime found that a supermarket may undertake the supply of tens of thousands of people a day, the supply of the community have to line up.Why not go to the supermarket to choose and deliver goods?This can save the middle of the link, in time to provide residents with fresh supplies.

Rely on the strength of a person is far from enough, sheng lei in the community owner group released information to recruit volunteers, a volunteer service team composed of 10 owners soon “on duty”, sheng lei served as the captain.

Every evening, sheng lei and supermarket in advance to determine the set meal, sent to the owners for everyone to choose, and then statistics, off and on until the next day at noon 12 o ‘clock.At 2 PM the next day, after checking the residents’ needs, sheng lei and four volunteers with cars drove to the shopping mall.Picking, distributing and transporting goods is often a busy three or four hours.< / p > < p > after the goods to the community, sheng lei informed other volunteers, to help carry out the distribution of goods.

Targeted at the elderly, pregnant women and other special groups, sheng lei and volunteers for their tailored, separate purchase, home delivery.”Great love is speechless” “good neighbor of China”…The deeds of shenglei and the volunteers were warmly received in the community.

“I am a communist party member and a teacher of the people, both of which are destined to be the first to stand out.””We are far from staffed,” she said. “I hope my actions can influence more people to join us and provide services to more neighbors.

Two – pronged: residents group + property group


At 16:00 on February 24, when the reporter came to the gate post of the sixth phase of bailijing community, resident Chen hui was looking for her “order” : a bag of flour and a bag of rice.In front of the gate post, there were more than 50 items packed in bags, each marked with a unit number and room number.

The reporter hears Chen hui’s mobile phone from time to time sends out “didi” sound.She said that after the community implemented the closed management on February 15, the WeChat group suddenly became “crazy”. She joined more than 10 group buying groups successively at the invitation of other owners, all of which were”Vegetables, fish, food, oil, toilet paper and other daily necessities, eat and drink lazar.People order a day in advance, a day or two days later, the order is delivered to the door, owners pick up.

Within 20 minutes, more than 30 new orders were placed at the gate post, and community workers disinfected the packaging bags of each order one by one, then placed them neatly on the floor.

How do thousands of residents order online to be self-sufficient?

The reporter interviewed 8 residents in mengang, their operation mode is basically the same as Chen hui, to participate in a variety of group buying groups, businesses will launch different packages for residents to choose.For example, in the vegetable group, there are packages of different weights such as 7.5kg, 10kg and 15kg, including tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and potatoes, with prices ranging from 70 to 150 yuan.

Residents from the group, the community property is not idle, they regularly organize two large weekly group, docking with the community near the hualian supermarket.

“Once on Wednesday and once on Saturday, mainly vegetables and meat.”Wu xiantao, the property manager of bailijing sixth phase, said that the property will provide a list to the supermarket, which will be delivered to the doorpost, and the property personnel will be sent to the door of each household.In addition to the large group purchase, the manager of each building will organize some small group purchase from time to time.

Wu xiantao introduced that the supply of supplies to the community residents mainly to residents group purchase, supplemented by the property group purchase, property staff and volunteers a total of less than 20 people, the main energy for residents temperature measurement statistics, gate post express disinfection classification management.In order to avoid too many people gather the gate guard, the property management also carries on the wrong time, the wrong peak to some residents group purchase, such as box horse group purchase date set on Thursday, Sunday, the residents of each building in turn stagger 20 minutes to get the express.

Due to too many group purchase materials, some residents go downstairs to pick up the express delivery four to five times a day, increasing the risk.”We also actively promote to owners in WeChat group, try not to buy toys, cigarettes and other non-necessities of life.”‘most of the owners are very supportive,’ Mr. Wu said..

In addition to group buying, mutual help also solves the emergency needs of many families.”Who has yeast? Can you help me?””I have it at home. I’ll put it in the elevator for you. You come and get it.”Such dialogue appears from time to time in the community group buying group.Many owners sigh, the community closed also let the neighborhood more harmonious