According to Jinghao hearing aid website, whether children, adults or the elderly change hearing aids, they need to adapt.


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The technology of the new hearing aid is different from that of the old one. Even if the new hearing aid and the old hearing aid are of the same brand and model, the acoustic characteristics of the new hearing aid will have small differences, which need to be adapted. Of course, the closer the new hearing aid technology is to the old one, the shorter the adaptation period.

In the initial matching of the original hearing aid, because the patient has no experience and feeling of wearing the hearing aid, the response of wearing the hearing aid is more obvious than that of not wearing it, and the feeling effect is very good. However, when changing the machine, because the new hearing aid is compared with the old one that has been adapted, and the patient has rich experience in hearing aid wearing, the requirements for the new hearing aid are very high, but the new hearing aid will appear instead of a good feeling, which is more common for the elderly.

According to Jinghao hearing aid website, when the new hearing aid is put on for the first time, the patients may not feel more comfortable and hear clearly than the old hearing aid. More than ten years ago, when the analog hearing aid was turned to the digital hearing aid, many children were used to the analog technology. When they just put on the digital hearing aid, the children’s response was not as good as the old analog hearing aid. Some parents were very anxious and uneasy, and they always wanted to change the hearing aid back to the original one. When parents and children insist on wearing new digital hearing aids for a period of time (usually one or two months), the children get used to it, and the listening effect is better. When they wear the original analog hearing aids again, the children feel that the voice is too noisy and can’t adapt.

Jinghao’s hearing aid website reminds us that when choosing new hearing aids, we should focus on the hearing characteristics of patients and the needs of effect in life learning. As for the differences between the brands of hearing aids, there is no limitation. As long as the technology of hearing aids is most suitable for the needs of patients and can solve the problems of patients in the long run, the new hearing aids can be different from the old ones, and the binaural hearing aids can also be different brands of hearing aids.

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