As of today, with absolute responsibility, Chinese government has closed its cities, closed its cities, and closed its provinces. It has strictly guarded against virus across the country, and has maintained close communication with international organizations such as WHO in a timely manner. At the expense of economic development, China just want to ensure the people live safely.


All the Enterprises across the country have put personal donations and materials together in the fight against prevention and control.


As the masses, the whole nation are frighting together like soldiers. Whether it is the PLA officers and soldiers on the charge, ordinary medical workers, or various unknown volunteers with protective clothing, they fight on the front line day and night, leaving us only a back view.They are all heroes, but they are unknown.


We can see that China is using its power to deal with new coronary pneumonia. At this time, global cooperation is needed to face the virus together. In the face of large-scale natural plagues, human beings are a community of destiny. We must not deliberately create panic, let alone deliberately fall into the ground.


China will surely win the fight against the epidemic. Please stand with me, and say “Frighting! Wuhan! frighting! China!”

Link:Frighting! Wuhan! frighting! China!

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