The custom hearing aids can be divided into inner ear type, ear canal type and deep ear canal type. It is made according to the shape of the auditory canal and the hearing loss of the hearing impaired. The difference in appearance is only a secondary feature of the customized hearing aid. Its main feature is that it can flexibly adjust the circuit according to the hearing loss and personal needs of the hearing impaired in a specific shell, fully meet the individual needs of the hearing impaired, and overcome the shortcomings of wearing other types of hearing aids.

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The main features of the customization machine are as follows:

(1) make full use of the physiological function of human ear, collect more high-frequency sound by auricle, make the sound clearer, so as to improve the ability of language resolution;

② beautiful, concealed, convenient and comfortable.

③ avoid psychological obstacles and enhance life confidence.

④ easy to operate, not limited by movement.

⑤ it is more convenient to answer the phone, just like ordinary people.

⑥ it is customized to adapt to various hearing loss and ear canal conditions.

⑦ the shell is made of high polymer anti allergy material, which is more comfortable to wear.

⑧ air hole can be opened to prevent ear tightness.

⑨ remove the ear tube to prevent medium frequency resonance.

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