The ear is very sensitive and fragile. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may lead to hearing loss, ear infection and even permanent injury.

Although we all know, many people still can’t give up the sense of ecstasy. Statistics show that more than 7000 people are injured every year in the UK by using cotton sticks to clean their ears.

But after reading the following, you may never dare to dig your ears with a cotton stick again.

Doctors have been warning people not to clean their ears with cotton sticks, but many people don’t pay attention.

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You’d better not dig your ears with anything but cotton sticks. This can push earwax deep into the ear, causing hearing loss and even damaging the eardrum.

Earwax is not dirty. Earwax is a substance secreted by the ear. It can kill bacteria and protect the ear canal. If it is cleaned, it will be damaged.

In fact, ears have the function of self-cleaning. Many people don’t need special cleaning in their lives. But it’s determined by genetic factors. Some people have a lot of earwax. If you think that there are too many earwax, you’d better not use a cotton stick to clean it. It’s better to go to the hospital to see a doctor for help.

Earwax usually only appears in the outer ear canal. But because people always use cotton sticks to clean up the earwax and push it deep into their ears, causing blockage. Just use a cotton stick to clean the area around your ears. Do not insert it into the ear canal.

You can clean your ears with salt water. Drop the salt water into the ear canal, shake it for a few times, and then rinse it.

Baby oil, mineral oil and special ear canal cleaning oil can be used to clean ears. If you are not sure if you will be allergic, apply it on your wrist first and use it after an hour without allergic reaction.

It’s also good to clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide. It is also a commonly used ear canal cleaning fluid.

If you are worried about the unexpected situation of your operation, you can also go to a doctor, who will always have the right tools.

Jinghao hearing experts stressed: if the earwax is not too much, or do not dig the ear, whether it is cotton sticks or other tools, will cause damage to the ear.

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