Swimming is a sport that many of us like very much, but in fact, the risk of accidents in swimming is quite large, so have you heard about the deafness after swimming?

Don’t say it. What’s the reason for hearing loss after swimming? Why does it happen?

Actually, there are basically two reasons for deafness caused by swimming: one is inflammation, the other is cerumen.

First of all, inflammation is quite common. In fact, it is caused by the infection of the external ear canal after water inflow during swimming. When swimming, it’s a common phenomenon for your ears to enter the water. You will definitely have this experience. When you go swimming in summer, you turn over under the water and feel stuffy when your ears enter the water.         

If there is unclean water in the ear canal, it will cause inflammation and perforation of tympanic membrane. The water in the swimming pool is very dirty. According to a team of professors from the University of Alberta, Canada, who tested 87 water samples of the swimming pool, they came to a conclusion: the average urine content of a swimming pool is about 75 liters, about 140 bottles of mineral water!

In a survey, 19% of the people admitted that they had peed in the swimming pool. As for the rest… I believe they know if they pee. So when you go swimming, you must wear earplugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal.

Cerumen is next to cerumen. Why does cerumen cause deafness? It’s actually a bubble, yes, you’re right
It’s because the external auditory canal is blocked after the cerumen is swollen by blisters, which leads to hearing loss. But don’t panic. This phenomenon is relatively rare. The cerumen of normal people can’t block the auditory canal after being blistered.

Let’s not dig too much earwax. One or two months will be good. A small amount of earwax can protect the ear canal, tympanic membrane and hearing.

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