Can you wear a hearing aid in the workshop?

Work in the workshop, when the dust is heavy, you can wear a hearing aid, but there will be requirements on the appearance of the hearing aid. Try not to choose a machine with a back or a receiver, the body is exposed outside the auricle, and it is easy to get dust. break down. It is recommended to choose a custom machine, which is much better in the ear canal. However, it is also necessary to go to the fitting center for cleaning and maintenance after the selection.


Choose a hearing aid according to your actual working environment. Hearing loss exists and you definitely need to choose a hearing aid. If the workshop is working and there is more dust, try not to choose an external or behind-the-ear type. This is exposed to the outside, and the damage to the hearing aid by the dust can be heavy. If your hearing allows, you can choose an in-ear hearing aid, and then wear earmuffs to protect you. However, the debugging of the hearing aid should be noted, otherwise the whistle will occur after the earmuffs are worn.

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