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Today, I will bring you some vital listening truth, and I will work with you to eliminate the false and save the true in the sea of hearing rehabilitation knowledge.

1. Babies can learn everything they don’t know through hearing. If your child doesn’t use hearing aids all day or every day, you will find that your baby will lag behind other children of the same age significantly when they start kindergarten. Even children of the same age may never catch up.

2. Before the brain starts to learn how to read, babies need to hear at least 20000 hours of sound.

3. In order for hearing-impaired children to enter the ordinary campus like other normal developing children, they need to wear hearing aids from infancy.

4. Hearing impaired children need to use hearing aids every day when they are awake, so that their speech, language and social skills can develop like other children of the same age.

Before the age of 5 or 2 is an important period of brain development, once delayed, it can not be made up. Almost all the children whose hearing development is delayed (or delayed) due to the delayed (or delayed) brain development can’t catch up with the children of the same age after entering school.

All of the above are the most common misconceptions and truths on the road of hearing rehabilitation. Many people have lost precious rehabilitation time because of such misconceptions. Especially for children with hearing loss, if the rehabilitation personnel or parents are not alert to these misconceptions or blindly ignore these facts and truths, it is likely that children will deviate from normal life for human reasons in the future Orbit. We also call on people who read this article to advertise it, so that more people with hearing impairment can get timely and correct recovery.

Link:Can you talk with a hearing aid? ——Children's language rehabilitation

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